Thursday, September 25, 2008

Governor Sarah Palin Nothing But A Pretty Face And A Empty Victoria Secret Bra And Matching Panty Set In Terms Of Intellect And Political Experience

Folks need to stop waiting for the McCain campaign to free GOP VP pick Sarah Palin to speak her mind. It's a waste of time, she doesn't have anything more to say. The Sarah Palin that has been campaigning the last few weeks, is the real Sarah Palin. She has shown who she really is already and there is no more coming. This is not about Palin being a woman and it's not sexism. The truth is Sarah Palin is pure Playdoh being pushed into whatever mold her running mate, John McCain pushes and squeezes her in and out of. Watching her interview with Katie Couric was excruciatingly painful and completely exasperating. To watch her still desperately cling to being able to see Russia from Alaska as an example of her foreign policy experience is shocking in it's stubborn stupidity. Her interview with Katie Couric was a major step backwards from her first interview with Charlie Gibson. Watching her steadfastly repeat completely debunked statements about the Bridge to Nowhere, Troopergate, and Iraq is frightening in terms of her unblinking ability to lie with a straight face.Palin is an embarrassment for women as a political candidate. She has come across as lacking in terms of intelligence and her entire persona as a political outsider/reformer does not stand up under intense examination. She never should have been picked in the first damn place and John McCain's judgment is not only questionable, it's laughable. It is extremely interesting that one of Palin's biggest cheerleaders, conservative columnist Kathleen Parker is now ready to toss Palin under the bus. Funny how fickle conservative white women can be.


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