Monday, August 2, 2010

Words For Warfare: The Slow Sad Death Of Essence Magazine Edition

“If there were balance in the industry, if we didn’t have a history of being ignored and disrespected…if more mainstream fashion media included people of color before the ONE magazine dedicated to black women “diversified” it would feel different.” - Michaela Angela Davis


The Disappointed Soul Sista's Solution To The Slow Sad Death Of Essence Magazine

I stopped subscribing to Essence magazine when long-time editor-in-chief, Susan L. Taylor left in 2000. I stopped buying Essence from the newsstand on a occasional basis when Time Inc. purchased the magazine and began filling issues with more advertisements than stories, particularly advertisements that had little to due with improving, enhancing, or enriching the lives of African American women. The slow death of Essence Magazine had begun then, the essential magazine for African American women from 18 to 80 was beginning it's transformation into a high gloss version of Vogue magazine in blackface.

I haven't personally bought a copy of Essence since 2001, only poaching a copy from a random culturally sensitive doctor or dentist's office or flipping through my mom's copies when I was visiting her during Christmas. She has since let her subscription lapse shortly after President Barack Obama got elected. My sister was never a fan of the magazine, but she too, had enjoyed random issues from time to time. Just like many other black women, Essence Magazine was a regular staple and standard in my life, my hard-earned travels to become a grown-ass black woman.

In the last ten years, Essence has become a shadow of it's former self. Slow to report on cutting edge issues in the African American community, way to fast to become a lightweight Hollywood promotional tool, clueless and tentative on issues where black women needed a fearless advocate. Current editor, Angela Burt-Murray continues to fail to impress, remember her tone-deaf words of wisdom during CNN's Black in America series? What About Our Daughters offers a blistering take-down of Burt-Murray's seriously stupid response to the latest controversy over Essence recently hiring it's first non-African American fashion editor.

Just a thought, but it would have made more sense if Burt-Murray had called out the long tradition of black women journalists long struggle to be hired at white women's magazines instead of calling out her loyal black female readership. Think about her choice for a long while. Which group was easier to attack? Others have lots to say on this issue, here, here, here, here, and here. For me, I'll let one my black female heroes speak on this issue in the Words For Warfare post above.

My only questions are why isn't one of most cutting edge black fashion directors in the nation being asked to work at Essence during it's 40th anniversary year? Isn't time to be celebrating instead of creating controversy? Why did it take so damn long for Essence to find a fashion editor in the first place? Something is stinking up the joint big time here. How can a magazine that is primarily about fashion, struggle so hard to find a fashion editor? And what happens the first time Ms. Placas screws up with something that is perceived as a racial slight or faux pas?

What I really can't stand is all the pointless anger and inaction that the slow, sad, death of Essence Magazine has generated. Keep it simple folks. Don't get angry, get even. Stop buying Essence, period. I did it, you can do it too. There is no rule that says black women need to keep buying it. If you don't like the direction of the magazine, put it down! Keep it moving. Start reading Clutch Magazine or many of the numerous blogs written by black women for black women.

How about starting a new magazine? Put it online, get some money or ads for a print edition, put it on stolen copy paper from work written in crayon, I don't care, just do something other than whine about how Essence sold out black women. That's what white women would do! And we already knew that Essence had sold out to big time publications when Time, Inc. bought it, so lets stop acting brand new here. Let's be the bad ass black women Essence magazine used to tell us we could be in the era of Susan L. Taylor.


African American Male Athletes Still Living Up To Same Old Stereotypes.....Sigh.....

It's been a bad few weeks for black male athletes, from the horrible news of the murder of former NBA player Lorenzen Wright, to the undeserved second chances of Jeremiah Masoli and Maurice Clarett, the reckless stupidity of Tyreke Evans, and the great flame-out of Delonte West.

Spare me the argument that black athletes don't get into anymore or less trouble than white athletes. And spare me the argument that one black bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bunch, girl, either. I'm sick and tired of watching these guys throw away golden opportunities on thoughtless acts of criminal activity, seriously bad decisions, and a complete full refusal to grown up.

I am sick and tired of black athletes that don't conduct themselves as professionals and expect to be forgiven for acting like jackasses every time they screw up. Sometimes things are what they are. You don't get a 21 million dollar bonus in April and show up to training camp in August as an out-of-shape, unprepared, and disruptive presence for your team, your damn job.

I'm tired of the excuses for these guys. God knows what in the hell Lorenzen Wright was doing that got him killed. And if Tyreke Evans had killed himself or someone else going 120 mph on the highway, everyone would have been talking about wasted potential and other sad stories. Maurice Clarett should have done his class work at Ohio State the first time he was there instead of worrying about the NFL.

And instead of stealing laptops, Jeremiah Masoli should have had his ass in his dorm room, then he would be a NFL draft pick instead of hoping and wishing at Ole Miss in the fall. And if Delonte West gets lucky and is picked up by another NBA team, let's hope he takes his damn bi-polar meds and goes to a shrink.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

What If You Threw A Diversity Tea Party And Nobody Came? Some Tea Party Folks In Philadelphia Found Out Real Quick

You plan a "Uni-Tea" diversity function for the Tea Party Movement which has a little bitty problem with racist signs and slurs at it's previous events and you invite confirmed racist Andrew "I Ain't Never Apologizing To Shirley Sherrod" Breitbart to speak. How does that event turn out? get a handful of colored folks and those folks seems to be the same chitlin-eating, sell-out negroes, you had on your team in the first damn place. The same black folks who skipped past all the racist signs and didn't hear the racist slurs, in their big ass hurry to run over and kiss all Tea Party ass they could find.

Better luck next time.


When You Look Like The Daily Caller's Mark "Who Let The Dogs Out" Judge You Really Shouldn't Be Calling Other Folks Ugly

The dude above with the uber-thin lips, squirrelly eyes, receding hairline, and road map wrinkled face wrote some pointless piece of junk calling some of his fellow journalists ugly. This dude must not have any mirrors in his crib.


The Stupidest Woman In America Hands Down Is Sarah Palin - Hair Weaves, Hand Notes, And Random Half-Baked Thoughts

Could you see this dumb bunny meeting with various Heads of State with random stuff written on her hand? Their names or their countries? Folks are serious about this idiot being the next President of the United States. Our country would become a laughingstock.


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Angelina Jolie's New Flick - SALT

Highly recommended, mindless entertainment. Worth every penny. Get your popcorn, your soda, and your milkduds and just sit back and enjoy the ass-kicking and gunplay. The story makes no damn sense and Angelina Jolie's skinny ass running around and punching folks is completely unbelievable, but who gives a damn. A good action thriller is a good action thriller.


Which Unthinking Jackass Dug Phyllis "Crazy Ole Biddy" Schlafly Out Of Her Crypt At The Cryogenics Lab?

The old saying is can't teach old dogs new tricks. GOP great grand momma Phyllis Schlafly on the run from the old folks home and spewing insane, deranged, and completely wrong ravings.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Between Alvin Greene And Leshuh Griffin Professor Tracey Is Not Sure Who Is The Nuttiest Black Person Running For Office

Who is craziest negro running for office here?

Alvin Greene has no job, but he's running for office. He's not really campaigning and doesn't seem to have any supporters. He does have a music video and he thinks that action figures of himself will save the economy. He also got tossed out of the military for being unable "to express thoughts clearly."

And just when it seems that Alvin Greene had the 2010 BIC (Black Insane Candidate) Award locked up......along comes Leshuh "Not The White Man's Bitch" Griffin. Are you trying to make sure that NO white folks vote for you?

I'm stunned....seriously. As it was stated in the film Crash; "You embarrass me. You embarrass yourself."


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Late Last Word On LeBron "LeBum" James Dissing Cleveland And Becoming Dwayne Wade's Second Banana Sidekick

Cleveland should have known he was leaving. LeBron has always been about LeBron. Who proclaims themselves the "King" and the "Chosen One" when they hadn't played even one NBA game at the time? His pre-game rituals are stupid, his post game press comments even dumber, and his big announcement TV special with go down in sports history as one of most brainless moments in the history of free agency.

I'm damn glad he's changing his number because he's made a complete mockery out of wearing the #23. He's not a closer and he had to join another team to find a teammate with the killer instinct needed to win NBA titles. The Miami Heat better win the NBA championship next season because LeBron James will be the laughing stock of the league if they don't. And I'll be laughing right along with the entire city of Cleveland.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Read A Book - Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter



Real-Life Kobe Shouldn't Make Commercials - Puppets Only

Exhibit A - this is why Kobe has so many haters. He just comes off as insincere and unlikable. Michael Jordan is clearly a jackass, but he was always likable in his commercials.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Is The "Old Spice" Guy Sexy? Professor Tracey Doesn't Think So......

He looks constipated. And what in the hell is wrong with his lower body? This man is so NOT sexy.


Just A Simple Question? - Where Are All The Feminist/Women's Groups On Mel Gibson?

Mel Gibson's shit is all out on the street. He is a certified lunatic, caught on tape spewing racist and sexist slurs and threatening to kill folks. Yet, pro-women and feminist groups have been mighty quiet. Are they waiting until Mad Mel's next film premiere to pounce?

I'm just wondering because I remember how everyone and their mama was calling for the head of Michael Vick for fighting pitbulls. Now I wanted to kick Vick's ass because I own and love pitbulls, but many folks acted like he killed somebody.

Now Mel Gibson goes on a wild screaming rampage and you can hear a rat pissing on cotton from most special interest groups. Funny that.


Professor Tracey Is Seriously Hooked On Watching FX's Sons Of Anarchy

This is a show I believed I would absolutely hate. Hillbilly, greasy, redneck bikers, killing folks and spewing borderline sexist and racist slurs every thirty seconds? Not for me dude, right? WRONG!!!! I love this show! A pure and complete guilty pleasure. White trash life on full parade. Katey Sagal of Married With Children infamy positively steals nearly every single scene she is in on this show. The twists and turns on this show keep you guessing and the acting is top notch.

This program also has a wicked sense of humor, the dialogue and antics of some of the characters has you giggling to yourself, just like when watching the folks on Madmen, True Blood, and Big Love. I love quirky, well-written, and character driven shows, it makes the time spent in front of the boob tube seem justified.


The Killer Inside Me - Read The Book And Go See The Movie

To me, it is rare to have a great book turned into a great movie. For example, To Kill A Mockingbird is great book as well as a great movie. I had the recent pleasure of reading Jim Thompson's The Killer Inside Me and then catching the 2010 film adaptation starting Casey Affleck. It was an awesome double-dip of literature and cinema.

I was even inspired to track down a copy of the 1976 film adaptation starting Stacy Keach of Mike Hammer fame. I have to say I enjoyed that version as well, even though it is heavily flawed, but Keach does a nice job as the seemingly mild mannered policeman with a deadly secret or two or three. Fair warning, both the book and the film are extremely violent, so be prepared. You won't be bored or disappointed.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Ugly And Nasty Truth Behind The Shirley Sherrod Fiasco

This epic hot mess with Shirley Sherrod has got my goat. A sista tries to take an extended break from blogging and they pull me back in! I didn't even break my vacation from blogging to gloat about my precious Los Angeles Lakers winning back-to-back NBA championships! (see next post). I cannot begin to discuss or debate this epic fail in the history of race politics in America. Forget the crap that started this mess and the johnny-come-lately apologies.....

This Florida Evans damn, damn, damn of a cock-up speaks volumes about black women in America......volumes!!!!!!!

How many black men does it take to help toss a single, lone, black woman under the bus?

If you don't believe the old owl.....maybe you'll believe Gina @ What About Our Daughters. Brothers got to work on their loyalty issues with the sistas here. Yes sir, no doubt.

And Dr. Melissa Harris-Lacewell gets down to the ultimate ugly and nasty truth behind the smearing of Shirley Sherrod.


We Are The Champions, My Friend...Again!

I'm not gloating.....really....I'm not.....LMAO!!!!!!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Read A Book - Pam Grier's Autobiography "Foxy" Is Coming To A Bookstore Near You

I'm looking forward to this one!


One, Two, Freddy's Coming Back For You........A Nightmare On Elm Street Remake Due In Theaters On April 30

I know, I know, Hollywood is recycling it's self, but I will be there just the same. Professor Tracey has been hooked on horror for a very, very, very, long time.

"Whatever You Do Don't Fall Asleep." - Nancy


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Freedom Of Speech But Watch What You Tweet - Ice T Lays The Smackdown On Aimee Mann

She said this and then he said that.....LOL!


Another Jackass Teenager Pulls The Same Racist Store Announcement Prank At Whole Foods This Time

Just wondering, but do black folks shop at Whole Foods in big numbers to pull this dumbass prank there? I've only been in one of their over-priced stores just once, I'm a Fresh Market type sista myself.

Anyway, this Dummy Lamont should get the same Professor Tracey's Perfect Punishment as the other jackass.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Guess Who's Back? - Tina Fey Slays Sarah "I Got No Brain To Hold Me Back" Palin Again!



Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tiger Woods Pimps His Dead Daddy's Voice To Hustle The Public For Nike

Tiger Woods has no shame! This commercial is an openly crass and classless attempt to curry favor with the public. Tiger Woods NEVER would have cut this ad in this manner if he had not so dramatically and quickly fell from grace within his sport and with the public.

What does his father's remarks have to do with Tiger selling Nike gear? And since Tiger stands there silent, what exactly is supposed to be his role in his father's words? To be announced at a later date?

Tiger Woods is still trying to hustle folks. So much for trying to be a better man.

Update: Nike came down on You Tube for copyright (a sure sign that they know this commercial is a major bust) so to view the video - go here.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Women Who Sell Their Bodies And Their Souls...Then Lie To Themselves And Everyone Else About It - The Rise Of The Female Pimp And The "Half Hooker"

What in the hell EXACTLY is a "half-hooker"?

New York Magazine tries to explain it. The writer is not particularly successful in convincing me or anyone else with half of a brain that these women are not engaging in a high class, celebrity driven, 21st century freakshow, mega-warped materialistic version of prostitution. Every single one of the women presented in this article sure seem to be either a madam, female pimp, hoe for hire or hooker to me.

The basic difference between these women and street pimps is that they are paid on retainer under the bogus banner of "party hosting" instead of actually taking the money directly from the women they procured for their clients. Still sounds like pimping to me.

And the basic difference between these women and street prostitutes is that they are paid for their sexual favors with a wink and nod; a little help with the high end rent, a designer dress or a piece of jewelry, an expensive trip or a rather large check, a gift of course, not a payment for sex instead of a direct down and dirty exchange of cash upfront from their clients. Still sounds like flat-backing to me.

What truly irritates me is that women who are forced to sell their bodies on the streets are forced to do so out of need; a need to eat, pay the bills, feed a drug habit, take care of their children, to survive and these so-called "half-hookers" are doing this pointless self-prostitution for kicks, for fun, for a wild time while they're young. It's disgusting and it's salacious.

And a street prostitute is sure in the hell more credible and honest. She knows what she's doing. And a street pimp will lie about his profession, but that's part of the damn gig. Yet, these "party hosts" and "half-hookers" are truly something else; yes, I have sex for money, but I'm not a prostitute. Don't know and don't care if the men I'm running around with are married, but I want to be married someday. Don't call me a madam, even though I find women to entertain men, to have sex with men. Who's zooming who here?

And not only are these women flat-out dishonest and delusional about what they are doing, they want to paint themselves as sympathetic figures. They want to sound in control and empowered, but in the end, they are nothing but sell-outs to a fleeting moment of phony celebrity status.


Folks Need To Shut The Hell Up! Ain't Nothing Wrong With Jennifer Hudson's Weight Watcher Commercials

First, she looks absolutely fabulous, so stop hating. Second, she is promoting what is most likely the only reliable and realistic weight loss program in the country, so stop hating. Third, she is probably being paid a nice piece of change to be Weight Watchers spokesperson, which is a smart financial move, so stop hating.

Fourth, she's appearing as the face of one of the largest businesses in the United States, people who have no idea who she is, will know who she is now. Her next album, her next film, her next television appearance will be enhanced by her work as weight loss spokesperson, so stop hating. Fifth, she seems happy and healthy and considering what she has endured, she can do whatever the hell she wants in my book, so stop hating.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Anyone Buy Apple's New I-Pad? Anyone Planning To Buy One?

This seems to be a pretty cool gizmo, but Professor Tracey is going to wait. I don't need sticker shock like folks that got smacked in the early days of the I-Phone. Anybody out there buy one? Anyone thinking of getting one? Let me know, I'm interested.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Ya'll!

I love Easter! Have a great day everyone! Be blessed.


Why Are Folks Tripping On President Obama Checking "African American" On The 2010 U.S. Census? What Did You Chose?

I think folks need to fill out their own damn census forms and not worry about what the President checked on his own form. There are reports that Black and Latino folks are not getting the census forms in like they should. Get to WORK colored folks, turn in the damn census! The forms were due April 1, but you still have time!

Now my question is, if you're willing to share, did anyone check "Negro"? I'm still cracking up on the tone-deafness of the census bureau including that "option". Whoever thought that up should be fired with quickness.


Another Reason Not To Cry If Law And Order Gets Canceled - S. Epatha Merkerson Leaving The Show After 16 Years

I'm a huge fan of this sista. She is one of the most underrated actresses on television and underused on the big screen. She made Law and Order come alive every time she came on the screen. She was absolutely believable as the big city female cop, subjected to both racism and sexism. She could say a hell of a lot with just a look and was a great foil for the attorneys on the show as well. I wish her well and look forward to her next role.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me! Professor Tracey Rings Up Another One!

I soooooo love my birthday. A complete slacker day today, no work, no drama, and no crap. Straight chillin' and relaxing. A few drinks and some yummy tapas. Hanging with my dog and watching all the horror flicks I can stand. Complete and total pamper day for me. Will hang with friends and fam on the weekend. I really needed a "me day" this year and I'm taking it!
It's very cool to share a b-day with Mad Magazine's Alfred E. Neuman and The Weasley Twins from Harry Potter. LMAO!


Happy April Fools Day!

This is too funny to me! LOL!


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Does Erykah Badu Go To Way Too Far Out There With The Video For "Window Seat"?

I'm no longer surprised at the things Erykah Badu thinks up, but this is a little much for me. If you have to do that much voiceover to explain what you are doing in your video, I think you're in big trouble with your artistic ideas. And is this video supposed to be sexy, reflective, or just provocative? I can't tell, it just seems like a mess to me. What do you think?


Sunday, March 28, 2010

In Plain Sight Returns This Week!

I spent a glorious long weekend last year, watching the first two seasons of In Plain Sight on DVD. I became a huge fan overnight. The series returns on Wednesday night. I'll either be watching or DVRing for later.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Professor Tracey Is Feeling Monica's Remix Everything To Me Of Denise Williams' Silly

Monica ain't Denise and she ain't trying to be. That's what is cool about this joint!


Professor Tracey Is Already Tired Of Still Lying Ass Tiger, The Media's Coverage Of Tiger And He Hasn't Even Started Playing Golf Again...Damn!

I just don't think I'm going to be able to stomach an endless series of short interviews with white reporters questioning and judging Tiger "Golden Showers" Woods, while he looks back at them with that dead man walking, wish I could disappear like Harry Potter, I is so sorry massa, long distance stare.

And if he's gonna be a lying ass on top of it, I would rather he just shut the hell up and play golf. The fact that he's trying to act like folks in his "inner circle" didn't know he was creeping around is just a damn lie. His people were helping him pull these hoes. No man with his amount of fame and wealth could pull off that much lying, sexual deviance, and betrayal without some serious assistance and silence.....lots of it.

If I was his wife, a whole lot of folks in Tiger's "inner circle" would have to get tossed under the bus, straight up fired and dismissed, before I would even consider reconciling with his ass. And if Tiger Woods is truly serious about making "amends" and getting his life right, he would cut loose anyone close to him that helped or let him make such a damn mess of his professional and personal lives.


Jackass Teenager That Pulled Racist Stunt At N.J. Walmart Arrested - Professor Tracey Has The Perfect Punishment For Him

Forget sending this kid to juvenile hall, anger management or diversity classes or to pick up trash on the highway, I think this meathead should be sentenced to 90 days as a Walmart greeter at the one store that is located in the most highly populated African American neighborhood in the country.

And he should be required to wear a Walmart vest with the following written on the back in neon yellow - "I'm The Idiot On The Intercom That Said "All Black People Leave The Store Now." Further, he should work a schedule that is at the busiest time for the store and be forced to collect the wayward shopping carts in the parking lot as well.

I guarantee he will be begging to be sent to kiddie jail before lunchtime of his first shift.


Upset City In College B-Ball - Does Anyone Have An NCAA Tourney Bracket That Is Not Completely Jacked Up?



The Tortoise Beats The Hare Again - Obama Gets Health Care Passed And The GOP Stays Classless And Cowardly Until The Very End

President Obama may move slow as hell, but he is getting the job done. And Nancy Pelosi should just grin at GOP folks....hard.

The GOP were extremely sore and bad losers. Extremely classless, clueless, and cowardly to the very end. Absolutely no shame expressed even after all the racist, sexist, homophobic, and dishonest statements, tactics, and antics they exhibited during this process. And whoever screamed "baby killer" should be punished by their colleagues in the House.


John "Radioactive Carrot Face" Boehner Loses It Over Health Care Vote - The Remix

Poor carrot colored man! Too soothe his frayed over-tanned nerves, I present -


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sandra Bullock "Blindsided" By Her Cheating Ass Husband And His Racist Walking Freakshow Mistress

Gotta feel sorry for Sandra Bullock. The biggest moment of your career sabotaged by your selfish and cheating ass spouse, further compounded by his horrific choice of a mistress from the lowest order of whoredom; the tattooed, former stripper with a taste for posing in Nazi garb and coming up with unbelievable excuses to explain why she shouldn't be considered a flaming racist.
This is another example of why straight folks have no business denying marriage rights to anyone. Way too many folks are making a complete mockery out of the institution of marriage. Another married man engaging in unprotected sex and another woman trying to justify sleeping with an unavailable man. And another wife get smacked upside the head by the worst kind of betrayal. This marriage has got to be going down in flames. Spontaneous combustion.


Tea Party Folks Are Nothing But The New Ku Klux Klan - Racial Hate And Threats Of Violence Disguised As Organized Political Protest

Time to see things simply as they are. This is nothing but racism, hatred, homophobia, intolerance, and threat of physical violence on open parade. What does calling folks Nigger and Faggot have to do with protesting against health care reform? What does spitting on folks have to do with protesting against health care reform?
These folks are the worse kind of hypocrites. Whining about freedom of speech and their country, while stepping all over the rights and freedoms of others Americans. If you don't agree with them, you're threatened with physical violence. The scary part is that too many of our elected officials will help fan the flames of this kind of intolerance with their own reckless words and their silence in the face of such out of control behavior. This is not America.
It will be interesting to hear what fake excuses RNC Chair Michael Steele will have to say about this latest mess. Where are all the black Republicans and conservatives when this stuff jumps off? It's always funny how they suddenly fall quiet. And as usual, our black liberal leadership will be outraged, but powerless. Post racial, my ass.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Is It Time For The Music Buying Public To Cut Chris Brown A Break Or Should He Find Another Career?

Chris Brown has deserved all the criticism he has received, but when does his public punishment end? I'm no Chris Brown teeny-bobber fan, but I am troubled by his difficulties to get his latest CD on the shelf and to get airplay on the radio. The stores that sell CDs and the radio stations don't give a damn about the public and I hate them acting like they are taking a stand against domestic violence by keeping Chris Brown from making a living.

Tiger Woods' merchandise remains on store shelves and he's a bigger jackass in my book. Kobe Bryant is still selling jerseys and folks keep bringing out Mike Tyson and dusting him off for one more opportunity. And you can go into any Best Buy and purchase a James Brown, Ike Turner or Miles Davis CD and they were well-known woman beaters. Not to mention the same issues of sexism and violence regarding women and hip hop that still remain. What makes Chris Brown so special?

The best album of Chris Brown's short career has been tanking since it's release late last year and it hasn't been primarily because fans don't want it. His promotion has been flat and dead as a doornail since the date of release. Maybe he should have waited longer to release it, but I wonder would that have made a difference. His public flaying is starting to get uncomfortable because even Brown is wondering what he needs to do next.

So, that's the question folks, is it over or does the youngster Chris Brown need to take an extended hiatus from the music business and release an album in 2 or 3 years?


Happy St. Patrick's Day Folks!

Have a safe and sane St. Patrick's Day. Get a designated driver if you go out. Professor Tracey has to work tomorrow, so it's a semi-quiet night at home. I'll be trying my hand at making some green beer and watching the second season of Big Love. Gotta think of something to cook, I'm thinking more of snacks than a serious dinner. Any suggestions?


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Monica Conyers Proves Why It's Not A Smart Thing For Married Women To Lead "Separate Lives" From Their Husbands

Of all the lies married folks tell themselves, I love the "we're married, but live separate lives" fib most of all. For people who are truly married and committed to each other, there is no such thing. Yes, you are two individuals who came together, but you pledged a bond of support, love, and acceptance. If you want to live your professional and personal lives separately from your spouse, you shouldn't bother with having one.

Clearly, Monica Conyers didn't tell her husband a damn thing and he didn't give a damn enough about her to care to know. That's not a marriage, that's just two folks with the same last name operating here. Now, sista Conyers is in huge trouble and her husband is clearly just shrugging his shoulders at her problems. And somehow I have to wonder if Ms. Conyers might be having some second thoughts about leading her "separate life" from her husband.


Let's Just File This One Under Stuff One Should Really Keep Private....Forever!

Winston Bennett sharing his sex tales reminds me of a serial killer recalling his series of murders. I really don't care to hear your crap dude. Keep it to yourself.


Diss Of The Day - Congressman Alan Grayson Calls Sarah Palin A "Wild Alaskan Dingbat"

LMAO! Sarah Palin tends to forget that other folks can hurl nasty insults too, some better zingers than the ones someone writes for her to recite.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Rielle Hunter Looks Creepy And Sounds Crazy In GQ Magazine - Why Do Mistresses Feel The Need To Explain Themselves?

I really hate when women act like they haven't done anything wrong. When a man is married, he is unavailable, period. It's not an issue for discussion or rationalization. If you chose to get involved with a married man whether you knew it from the beginning, middle, or end, you are an asshole if you continue the relationship.

Between John Edwards' side piece Rielle Hunter and Tiger Woods' squalid collection of cookie-cutter jump-offs, I'm stunned at their collective refusal to admit they made any mistakes or did anything wrong, but without fail, every single one of them can and has played the "woe is me" victim card with relish.

Something is really wrong with these folks. Does Rielle Hunter actually think taking cheesecake shots and giving a giggly interview in GQ about her very public affair and very public out-of-wedlock birth of John Edwards love child is cute and helping set the record straight? Really? I think there is nothing more creepy and crazy than having a grown ass woman act like a selfish, clueless child.

My mother is right, no one involved in this ugly John Edwards mess has clean hands, every single person involved is disgusting and culpable. I wish they would all go away.


I'll Prefer To Remember The Corey Haim From The Film Silver Bullet

Corey Haim was no teenage heartthrob for me, but I loved him in the film, Silver Bullet. It's one of my favorite "kids versus the monster" movies. Rest in peace Corey, rest in peace.


Professor Tracey Really Loved The Second Season Of Damages

Due to FX moving the previous show time, I missed the entire second season of Damages. I was pissed at first, but now I'm glad. The second season of Damages was complex and intriguing. You really needed to pay attention. I enjoyed it more watching it at home on DVD instead of the regular television screenings.

Glenn Close was awesome as usual, this season as a woman who's personal and professional lives are falling apart and forcing reflection and fierceness. Rose Byrne really grows during this season, finding a different voice of anger, revenge, and purpose. Well done, ladies.


Live Feed For Aunt Jemima's Revenge

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