Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Killer Inside Me - Read The Book And Go See The Movie

To me, it is rare to have a great book turned into a great movie. For example, To Kill A Mockingbird is great book as well as a great movie. I had the recent pleasure of reading Jim Thompson's The Killer Inside Me and then catching the 2010 film adaptation starting Casey Affleck. It was an awesome double-dip of literature and cinema.

I was even inspired to track down a copy of the 1976 film adaptation starting Stacy Keach of Mike Hammer fame. I have to say I enjoyed that version as well, even though it is heavily flawed, but Keach does a nice job as the seemingly mild mannered policeman with a deadly secret or two or three. Fair warning, both the book and the film are extremely violent, so be prepared. You won't be bored or disappointed.


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