Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is Sarah Palin Really A Working Mother Or A Stay-At-Home Mom With A Working Woman's Paycheck She Has Not Earned?

I want all the women falling all over Sarah Palin because they "identify" with her as a working mother "just like them" to explain how exactly Palin fits this "working mom" category. In Palin's 19 month tenure as Governor of Alaska, she has "worked" from home 312 of a possible 397 work days. That means Palin was only actually at the "office" 85 days in nearly two years in office! How many American working mothers have jobs were you can be absent from the office more than you are ever present and still have a job?

And it doesn't sound like she did much work during those 85 days. She was notorious for being missing in action for meetings with fellow legislators, not particularly well-versed in government policy, and seems to have spent more time delegating than actual governing. And not much proof has been offered that Palin accomplished much work when she was supposedly working from home. How many American working mothers have jobs were the actual work you are expected to be doing can unknown, unaccounted for, and still have a job?

And if one was paying attention, it doesn't really sound like "First Dude" Todd Palin was a full-time stay-a-home dad. And why isn't anyone asking who's looking after their new baby when good ole Todd is following his wive around on the campaign trail? Clearly Sarah Palin has hired a nanny and despite her lies to the contrary, Palin still has a personal cook that the state of Alaska still pays for. How many American working mothers can afford around-the-clock childcare and a private cook for their family?

Sounds like quite a few white women have some very faulty "gender identification" issues here with good ole Sarah Palin.


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