Friday, September 26, 2008

John McCain And The Republician Congressmen Plays Politics With The U.S. Economy While WaMu Goes Belly Up

Instead of worrying about getting re-elected, the Republican congressmen that turned a blind eye to Wall Street wasting billions of dollars of taxpayer funds should be busting their asses to get all of us out of this mess. John McCain made a big play to drag the economic crisis into the Presidential election and he had absolutely NO ideas, he just wanted to play politics. McCain offered absolutely no leadership, in fact he didn't even bother to take a position for or against the proposed bailout bills on the table. So, why in the hell was he there? The press and the Democrats should be slamming his ass for doing that. McCain should lose the election for this dumb-ass stunt!
Why just a couple of months ago was WaMu trying to get my mother to re-finance her nearly paid for home in a completely ridiculous rip-off deal? Fuck'em, glad they went under!

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