Saturday, September 27, 2008

Presidential Debate #1 - Advantage Obama

Overall, I thought the debate was a draw without a clear winner. I believe that Barack Obama accomplished what he needed to do, he looked in control, sounded knowledgeable, and never lost his cool. He could have been less agreeable with McCain, but he proved that he can handle foreign policy without being flustered or caught flat-footed. Obama is a gentleman and it is just not his style to be nasty. I think the folks that claim that Obama doesn't have the knowledge and the experience to lead need to shut up about that now, he has clearly proved them wrong on that point.
John McCain's debate performance was combative, condescending, and confusing. He never once looked at Barack Obama and never engaged him as an equal. He always seemed to lead with a distortion of Obama's views or a flat-out lie. It was a very dishonest, disconcerting, disturbing, and extremely non-presidential performance.

The United States of America is currently reeling from the weight of its numerous issues and problems, we need our next president to be able to engage others with grace and respect, to work collaboratively and be willing to compromise. If elected, will John McCain talk to his cabinet, the Congress, and leaders of other nations in such a dismissive and nasty fashion? We need diplomacy in this country, not destruction of one's opponents.

McCain scared me tonight. His main message seems to be that he is going to fire everybody who doesn't do what he wants and he is going to fight with everyone who doesn't agree with him. I don't want people running my government who are in fear of being fired and I don't want to go to war with every nation in the world.

McCain's political views and leadership style is very dangerous. It's nice to be able to fight well, but it is equally important to be able to negotiate. John McCain has made clear he is only interested in doing the former and completely unwilling or unable to do the latter.


wisdomteachesme September 27, 2008 at 10:40 AM  

lol, of course he took that round under his belt.

guurrll please-- i saw about 10-15 mins of it and the old man was talking himself into a deeper ditch of confusion trying to remember all the lies he and his people have told.
palin will be crushed!
i bet she will have one of those ear rec'er on to hear what someone else tells her to say.
again, i am so glad that God is still in control!

when i think of old man and reject barbie girl being in the white house in wash. dc, i see nero falling down among the ruins that he set forth by his selfishness and greed.

Shurl September 27, 2008 at 12:24 PM  

I was very annoyed at McCain's inability/refusal to acknowledge Obama. He wouldn't look at him...he barely glanced at him during their initial handshake. I think it's insulting. And if I didn't know better, maybe a bit racist? Obama earned his place on stage next to McCain and he needs to show respect for that.

McCain's constant comments about Obama's 'naive" comments or how he "just doesn't understand" were insulting, too. Just because he's an old man, doesn't mean he knows better.

McCAins two oldest kids were born in 1959 and 1962!! No wonder he condescends to Obama!!

I hope Biden wipes the floor with Palin. I don't care if that doesn't really decide elections.

Claudia September 27, 2008 at 2:54 PM  

I agree, Shirley! I also found McCain's refusal to look at Obama odd and insulting, but I was positively outraged by his frequent references to Obama as naive. McCain acted as if he couldn't believe he actually had to debate Obama and respond to his questions. He kept referring to all the places he had visited as if Palin just didn't get her passport five second ago. It was infuriating!

And speaking of Palin, I just read that her practice debate and press conferences were "disastrous." I can't wait until next week!!!!

T. Nichol September 27, 2008 at 7:43 PM  

All I was thinking about during the debate was if McCain started a story a sentence with something about a war and the military that had no relation to what the topic was, I was gonna scream. I know he went through a lot as a POW, but seriously get that in check, because I feel like IF he is elected, he's going to be living in the past and we will be in conflict with everyone around the world.
I gonna be honest when I say I was a little disappointed at BOTH candidates lack of effort to actually talk to each other instead of the audience when they addressed an issue, especially after it was pointed out by Jim Laher. If you didn't know it then, its been made clear now that McCain has absolutely no love from Obama and showed his Elitist side. McCain looked like a complete IDIOT talking bout Obama's earmarks, when his VP choice is the Queen of earmarks. Should have strayed away from that Johnny boy. I know how I'm going to vote for, but I must say if I was on the fence, Friday night wouldn't have made my mind up.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog September 27, 2008 at 8:36 PM  

I was disappointed. I really wanted Obama to smack some sense into McCain. And his "you don't understand" spiel was really annoying!! But I'm not an Independent voter and apparently Obama performed well amongst them so I guess mission accomplished. I'd like to know when McCain is gonna get hanged with his votes for the banking deregulation that led to this problem. If I can Google this info why isn't it discussed!!!! That is really pissing me off. And yes I am SICK of the 'lack of experience' tag. It's total BS and McCain knows it. I don't think Palin will do poorly in the debate next week. She's going to fight dirty, tell a bunch of lies and come out as a victim and therefore 'win'. Watch. I hope I'm wrong. Biden could be walking into a trap if he's not careful.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo September 30, 2008 at 10:39 AM  

i turned the vol down, and could only think of the history of ole miss and james meredith

butchrebel October 6, 2008 at 1:49 AM  

SHIRLEY & CLAUDIA: You are the only people I've heard/seen comment on McCain's "I'm not going to acknowledge this uppity negro by making eye contact" strategy (that would be a strategy not a tactic, right -- I found that McCain answer vile and condescending. I imagine a media not dominated by white people -- both liberal and conservative may have analyzed that thinly veiled insult and many others McCain hurled at Obama that night).

Can you imagine the outrage white media agents and white voters would express had Obama deign to not look at McCain all night.

I believe that part of the reason McCain did not look at Obama is because of his personal racism. I believe this because I think that McCain has a deep disdain and fear of intelligent white women. Palin is so painfully unintelligent -- she's a "stand by your (white) man" type of gal. She will defer to him, she will study really hard so that she answers questions really well -- she'll defend him no matter what. I can't see her challenging him. Of course, I could be wrong about that but I doubt it. Because McCain's 2nd wife comes off as a feather-head as well.

And I don't take insulting women -- of any race -- lightly. Sexist critiques of Palin, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Ifill etc. abound. I don't want to add to that venomous anti-woman hatred -- no matter who the woman is. If her politics are problematic, and in Palin's case, dangerous -- that's what the critique should focus on. When the focus is on gender it isn't useful to revert to misogyny in order to make a point, especially if the speaker/writer is taking aim at another form of oppression like the racism, for example, to which the Obamas have been subjected.

My central point is this: if McCain is threatened by white women -- so threatened that he wouldn't choose one of the more competent Republican women in the federal government like Elizabeth Dole, for example, or Condoleeza Rice (not that I'm a fan of either person -- but at the very least these women give intelligent responses to questions). McCain choices -- sound choices -- but he settled on Palin, a green, inarticulate governor of a comparatively small demographic who appears to have no working knowledge of the U.S. economy or foreign policy (to name only 2 HUGE areas where she demonstrates and embarrassing intensity of ignorance that Republicans continue to deny, downplay, defend and prettify).

Any man who fears intelligence in white women -- will not be able to stomach intelligence, dignity, direction, ambition, level-headedness etc., in a man (or woman) of color.

I am convinced that this is the case with McCain.

McCain has been vying for the presidency for what -- 2 decades now (or more?) -- and when he finally gets close enough to realistically envision victory,, to smell victory -- he's about to get his ass whupped by a black man -- a man more presidential than he will ever be -- a man whose shadow he cannot step out of even for a long minute. Because whether or not the commentary is positive or negative, the media and the public is riveted by Obama.

I am so glad I am alive to witness Obama do so well... to witness him bring a white man to his knees -- subconsciously and emotionally -- cuz I know McCain is afraid. Very afraid of Obama. I am so glad that I am here to witness Obama's brilliant light. and love.. his remarkable to inspire and imbue hope in people, especially those who forgot what is like to hope... that things could be any different.

People. like. me.

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