Thursday, October 30, 2008

The McCain/Palin GOP Campaign Pundits That I Can't Wait To See Disappear From The Airwaves On November 5th!

Nicholle Wallace - I got to be honest, I can't stand this woman. Every time I hear her talk I am convinced that she has not one black friend, does not know a black person, and quite frankly doesn't give a damn about black people period. This is the chick that back in the day would have had massa whip yo' ass for being "sassy." It's no surprise that she was directly assigned to work with brain-dead Sarah "I Don't Like Colored Folks, Either Girl!" Palin.
Ben Porritt - This dude is just a lying sack of shit, period. He will say anything as long as he is getting a check from the McCain/Palin campaign. He doesn't even use the talking points, he just starts lying from the minute he opens his mouth, doesn't matter how racist or lunatic fringe he may sound, this dude has smeared Obama like he's spreading peanut butter on a Ritz.
Tucker Bounds - Another bald-faced liar, who truly gets on my last nerve because he is also an absolute numbskull. He's a real nasty talker when he is allowed to stick to the GOP talking points, but if you knock him off the script, this dude's kibble-sized brain shuts down completely. He has been bitch-slapped around on every single news channel from CNN to MSNBC since the election started.

What scares me the most about these folks is that they are all under 40. They had to have gone to school at some point with people of color and people of different beliefs and interests. Yet, they seem to be completely ignorant or completely uninterested in anything except the interests of conservative white folks.

You never hear them discussion issues of diversity or cultural inclusion and when they say the "American people" you get the clear and distinct feeling that they ain't talking about you if you are a person of color. Their level of contempt and hatred for Barack Obama is frightening in it's level of rage, it's like Obama fucked their mothers or something.


Scorned Woman October 30, 2008 at 9:01 AM  

Tucker Bounds bothers me so much. They all have this robotic quality about them. Nothing they say seems genuine.

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