Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Putting A Name To The Face Of Racist

The more I think about it and as much as it makes me angry, I am glad that the mainstream media and bloggers are exposing the racism at the McCain/Palin neo-klan rallies. I like to know where I stand with folks as a black person. I think that folks need to go further and identify some of these blatantly racist folks. Who knows where they work and live - And when and where they interact with people of color. I'm sorry, but racist folks should not be allowed to hide in the shadows in the 21st century!

Like this creep that got caught on tape not once, but twice, waving around a Curious George monkey with a Obama sticker taped around it's head. This meathead had to purchase that doll and the sticker to come up with this racist prop! Not to mention the nerve of bringing it to the rally in the first damn place. Where in the hell kind of event did this guy think he was attending? A political rally or a lynching? Then, he had the nerve when he realized he was being taped to attempt to destroy the evidence of his racism by balling up the sticker and giving the monkey to some random child in the crowd. Can you say DISGUSTING and REPULSIVE?

And the worst part that most folks don't or won't get, is the fact that all the white folks that stood around this openly racist numb nuts waving that doll around and didn't challenge him one itty, bitty, tiny, bit about the stupidity of his act. This is what folks don't get about racism, it's not the racists who are the problem, we can't change them, it the people around them that stand around and watch, laugh, or remain silent around them. The folks who should know better, the folks who would hate being labeled racist or separatist, the same folks who consider themselves open-minded, fair, and patriotic Americans.


D.J. October 14, 2008 at 9:11 PM  

I think the recent past has just gone further to prove that if nobody screams the N word then it can't possibly be racist!

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