Monday, July 6, 2009

Will The Young Republicans Elect A National Leader That Supports The Use Of Racial Slurs And Racial Threats?

Meet Audra Shay. This upcoming weekend Ms. Shay wants to become the next chairman of the national organization, the Young Republicans. Ms. Shay apparently was a leading candidate for the post until she got caught doing one of two things, one, either she was agreeing with racist comments posted on her Facebook page or two, she was agreeing with racist comments posted on her Facebook page and was too damn stupid to know that the word, "coon" is racist or that the very mention of "sundown towns" and "black ass" in the same sentence is a racist threat. Either way, she should be toast in terms of becoming the national figurehead for such an important political group.

For the record, here is Ms. Shay's response on the curiously named site, the "Hip Hop Republican." Considering that the FIRST thing Ms. Shay did in response to this mess was block the access of the folks that pointed out that the comments posted on her Facebook page were racist and unacceptable, I personally find her explanations to be complete and utter malarkey, horse manure, doo-doo, boo-boo, crapola, and unmitigated bullshit. As they say in hip hop, we don't believe you Ms. Shay, you need more people!

I don't have a problem with the Young Republicans as a group. Hell, I admire their organization and their agenda. It's working on college campuses. The Democrats could take a page or two out of their book, but I won't hold my breath. What I do have a problem with is an organization that has so few African Americans in it, running around thinking it's cute to laugh and hee hee about racial slurs and threats. Fine, you don't like President Obama and you don't agree with his policies, what in the high holy hell does that have to do with coons and sundown towns? Damn if I know.

If the Young Republicans want to be credible and really reach out to folks of color, then this Marcus Epstein type crap must cease to occur and exist. And if Black Republicans and Conservatives want credibility and acceptance they need to stand up and speak out against this kind of baloney immediately like Lenny McAllister did.

With all things being said, I am wondering why this particular incident inspired responses from the Young Republican crowd, black or white, considering their silence over the racist attacks on President Obama over the past couple of months, particularly from folks in the good ole sundown state with the freaky deaky governor - South Carolina. I'm personally sick of EVERYONE's lying, creepy, shady, and double-dealing asses in American politics, but I am really sick and tired of RACIST, lying, creepy, shady, double-dealing asses in American politics.

I think Ms. Shay does have a point, her rivals for the chairmanship will spin and milk this mess for all it's worth, but as someone who doesn't really give a damn who the next YR chairman is, I hope they succeed.


msladyDeborah July 6, 2009 at 2:14 PM  


There was a time when this type of remark would of called for a can of WA! But that is another time and a different Black agenda.

What can be said about trash? It is what it is.

Everyone wants to play Boo Boo the Fool when they get busted for this type of crap. I am not buying her excuse either. And the brother who responded gets kudos for being Black enough to do so.

But on the flip side-until the usage of the infamous "N"word gets clarified in the minds of the confused-they are going to feel okay with their slurs. Because of the way too many Black folks blow off self-imposed racism. At some point in time I will not be surprised or angry if she brings this point up. Or someone who backs her up does so.

As far as being out of town by sundown. I would love for that particular individual to get caught in the hood-day or night.

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