Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why Is Harold Ford Jr. Working All Day And Overtime To Make A Complete And Total Insufferable Jackass Out Of Himself?

My long-time readers and good friends know what I think of "Weird" Harold Ford Jr. I can't shake the icky feeling I get every time I see him. Dude is creepy period. It always seems to me that he is lying and that he is a complete phony. This dude will eat shit with sugar on it and tell you with the biggest grin how tasty it was.

Ford is something beyond a "slick willie" carpet-bagging politician, he's something new. Nobody wants him to run for anything in NYC, but there he is. And all he has done since he started stalking New York politics was make a complete hot mess out of everything. He has come off like an elitist opportunist who is not even invested in paying taxes in the state. Is this guy for real?

And why is he even pretending to be a Democrat? He doesn't sound like one, except when he's not flip-flopping to mold himself to fit whatever audience he may be talking to at the time. I hated him during the entire Presidential election, he was always kissing up, pretending to defend and support Obama, while steadily agreeing with his detractors.

Also, Ford bothers me because he's like a moth, flying from light to light without any real purpose. He couldn't pass the bar, so he doesn't practice law. He'll teach at a law school as long as Wall Street doesn't come calling with a six figure salary. He'll work on Wall Street as long as he can pedal his half-ass thoughts as a political pundit on television, but he's toss all that aside if he can run for office, even if no one else wants him to run. The dude is too flighty for me.

Pay attention everyone, Harold "The Dark Sith" Ford Jr. is on the move....again.


Ether Blade February 20, 2010 at 10:08 PM  

dude married a white woman his political days are numbered. Allen Keyes has a bigger chance to become the pope than Harold Ford Jr to become anything for NYC>

Emissary.Christine April 15, 2010 at 1:12 AM  

LOL ... funny how you thought he was creepy too. Every time I saw him on tv I kept telling my husband "something is just way off with this guy... he's not right!"

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