Monday, February 18, 2008

Around The Blog World In 80 Minutes

Anonymiss proves again to the world that Ann Coulter is truly a racist snob that needs to eat about 60 In-N-Out burgers, so she can have enough ass to be kicked by some disgruntled person of color one day!

My girl Seattle Slim proves that there are always some black person completely and totally willing to sell out his own people and culture for a dollar particularly during Black History Month!

The folks at Mirror On America are completely reinforcing my belief that no matter how much a black person plays by the rules in American society, if it gets too competitive or close for comfort, the dominant majority in this nation will suddenly change the rules of the game and become extremely low down and nasty in how it operates.

On the Black Hand Side has an awesome interview with Wayne Hicks aka The Villager of the blog, Electronic Village.


Anonymiss February 18, 2008 at 10:55 PM  

LOL at the mAnn Coulter tissue. I've gotta make use of Photoshop.

My comments from Mirror:

SMH at the insults leveled at Obama supporters. They've been saying for weeks that Hillary's biggest supporters are undereducated, working class Americans and White women. Like who cares what anybody says about someone's supporters?

Two of my coworkers said that America's not ready for a woman or a Black man to be pres and I reminded them that Obama won the Whitest states. I also reminded them that states like IA and ND are big on family values and Billary doesn't rep that. They said Obama has no healthcare plan or any real policies, I said review his campaign website.

As an American, I have to be honest and say that I cannot stand the laziness of Americans. If you're informed and don't accept info at face value and do your homework, then I'm not talking to you.

Info is at our fingertips. We have multimedia choices amongst TV, print, radio, and the Web yet some of us are still ignorant to what each candidate stands for or we adopt the opinions of those who make a killing from distorting the truth. So many of us stay getting taken for a ride. There's absolutely no excuse for ignorance.

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