Friday, February 15, 2008

Bobby Cutts Jr. Convicted!

Former Ohio policeman Bobby Cutts has been convicted of the murder of his mistress and their unborn child. He could receive the death penalty for this conviction. If you are not familiar with this brother's case, he was married with one child, had the murder victim Jesse Davis as his mistress with one child and another on the way, not to mention the former girlfriend that had also had his child.

Adding to the confusion called his life, he had a my space page where he was clearing trolling for more women. Mr. Cutts favors dating white women, but when he managed to murder one of them, he went running to a black woman to help him dispose of the body. This sister instead of calling the police on his ass, actually helped him dispose of Jesse Davis' body! This woman who was a mother herself ended up with nearly two years in prison. What in the hell was she thinking.

I'm not a big supporter of the death penalty, but Bobby Cutts Jr. should definitely get the death penalty in this case.


wisdomteachesme February 15, 2008 at 4:26 PM fool--see, (out comes the righteous anger-and the mouth speaks)

Let me tell you something.. if he rots in jail all his life - i don't think thta would be long enough for him to fully understand what a niggar move and way to live that he was living!

can we say S-T-U-P-I-D!!!!
what a selfish idiot! i mean--all these children he helped to produce and now his dumb ass self is in jail and can't help raise them in any way!!!
what in the hell what he thinking that he was? some kind of pimp-mac-daddy!!??

ok,, let me stop--i'm going to praise and sing to Jesus now...can't keep this mess in my system! it clogs things up!
i mean, what a fool...troll...

Lord thank You for keeping me in my right mind!
(getting off the box...pulling back in my R.A.)

wisdomteachesme February 15, 2008 at 6:06 PM  

and another thing....i forgot to mention that black girl that helped him. a womans body but the mind of a little girl...

Lord i am tired of these women that compromise their souls just to be with a man!

and NO, i don't hate men...i know pu-len-ty of women that are JackedUp! also.
and pulenty of lesbians that do the same stupid things in order to be with a woman!--
I have decided that this is about Being With SomeONE! Period!

after years of seeing, experiencing, talking to and listening to women, lez and straight...i am convinced it is not about gender--it's about being stupid!
it's not about color-straight or gay-it's about being a confused selfish-blind-self serving fool, that is only concerned with BEing with someone! confused about what is important in life.

and these people really have no Positive self-worth--it would be so much better if they knew God's Worth of themselves.
No Love of self-of God and surely none for others!
they are so down and self hating it's too much to keep inside...

ok,,,i should have written this in the above post. but it came out in this one...

focusedpurpose February 15, 2008 at 7:34 PM  

it is my sincere belief that had he murdered his black mistress, wife, daugther, sister, mother, cousin, etc... would not have made the news.

i have a son and teach him that manhood is not about how many women you can have and impregnate. manhood is the ability to walk in wisdom, power, discipline, love and respect-being with self. this child of God clearly has no self respect, self love, nor self acceptance.

the same can be said for what it means to be a woman. the sister in this case clearly did not get that memo either.

many of our children, sisters and brothers are not getting the memo. those of us that get it have to share it. with respect and love.


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