Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Go Vote!...Take That...Take That.....

And I told that he won't stop....He's back! Diddy is pushing young folks to go out and vote again. Simple slogan - "Go Vote!" I ain't picking at the brother, he's trying God Bless his heart!


wisdomteachesme February 5, 2008 at 10:31 PM  

i don't really care for him, nor do i like the slogan on the t-shirts in the pic.
it doesn't sound serious.
vote or die sounds like a rap song to me...opps is it? LOLOLO--

i know it's aimed at the 18 and what, 25yr olds--but there are many more people over 25 that are non-voting that need to register/become educated a little about the candidates- and if they already are--they need to be encouraged to do so.

just VOTE! is what i say.

i don't care who you like-i'm not into the it like that.
i don't care who is elected-your choice-my choice-their choice-NONE of them can perform miracles!
but i do know that I am going to vote-i have too!

freedom always comes with new challenges-new changes, transitions, mountians and valleys.
it takes courage to achieve it and to hold on to it!

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