Monday, June 23, 2008

Black Folks Get Suckered Again - Don Imus Is Still A Racist Asshole And Back At It Again!

From Crooks And Liars, check out Imus basically stating if you're black, you are a criminal. Now his new bosses are running to spin and explain this jerk's words in a positive light as if that was possible. I am sick and tired of black America getting played by guys like this. It has not been six months and this dude is back at it.

Now all the black folks that thought Vivian Stringer made too big of deal about her players being called "nappy-headed hos" and D.L. "The Stupid Midget" Hughley cashing in on Imus' racism with a large dose of his own black male sexism, how dumb do they look now?

And now we can check if Reverend Al Sharpton got a check from somebody connected to Imus' camp because he dominated the airwaves and media space to call for Imus' firing in the Rutgers incident, let's see if he has something to say now!

And I'm no fan of Adam Jones, he's a Dummy Lamont Award recipient on this very blog, but his dumb ass problems are his own. His skin color has nothing to do with it, his poor character!

Update - Now Imus claims he was being "sarcastic." In support of Mr. Jones. Dude, we don't believe you, you need more people!


wisdomteachesme June 24, 2008 at 9:32 AM  

lol--you are funny to me prof - the way you 'word things'

now you know they only kncoked him down and that they did not cut his head off--so there was always the possibility that imus was going to stand back up and keep talking.

and your points are very good ones. this is not all he is going to do...he needs to restore his level of 'im-por-tance' with man--and he knows that picking at a scab will keep the wound from healing--so he picks at the scabs of sadness, hurt, confusion, hatred, and anger that lives in the hearts of soooo many people---and they love it....he comforts their self-pitiness and adds to their pity-parties....

he won't be here much longer...

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