Sunday, June 29, 2008

Do Hillary Supporters Really Want To Be Connected To Folks Like This?

Of all of the things I don't get about this campaign is the need of folks to use personal slurs, particularly racial slurs to attack Barack Obama. What is the point of acts like this in the first place. If you cared about America, vandalizing 60 city vehicles in this fashion is just stupid and wasteful.


wisdomteachesme June 29, 2008 at 10:42 AM  

the people that do things like this are not voters.
they are the fearful and scared people that have listened to years and decades of hate filled words and ways of living and they are fearful of the lies they have believed in and lived by all their lives.

they are not voters...just people scared of change....whether the change is around them or within them...they have doomed themselves to stay in the hole they live in and to always blame others for the wrongs in their lives which in their minds have been given to them by 'others'.

when hate does not move fast enough...there are people that try to speed it along. when instant satisfaction from 'stuff' does not stay around longer than it is suppose to...there are people that step up to keep hate moving until is devours more land -- more people--more hearts and then they sit back and watch what they have started....hoping to create a full blown war.

lets say the green people don't like the the yellow people, and want a reason to fight them but none some of the green people do something that will stir the anger of the masses and point the finger at the yellow people --but the yellow people know nothing about it as they did not do then have yellow people defending themselves for something they did not do...and pretty soon,, no one remembers what started it all....
the sky is Not falling!

that is what this is...
with the vandalism of vehicles....fools gold.

it could have been white, black, yellow people that did could be hillary people or obama people that did this...either way...
The Sky Is Not Falling!

Ananda June 30, 2008 at 2:37 AM  

i agree with wisdom teaches me. fear drives these kinds of acts. may we all release our fears and open our minds, heart, spirits, and lives for change that will bless us all.

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