Monday, June 23, 2008

Reason #765 - Why We Should Not Have Engaged In The War In Iraq

Some Muslim women in Iraq, who enjoy very few, if any of the personal freedoms that American women enjoy, are upset at being denied the right to join.....Al-Qaida. You heard me, some extremist Iraqi women are upset at being denied the opportunity to blow folks up...too! That's crazy and a perfect example of why we shouldn't be over there anymore! We do not understand those people's feelings and we have absolutely no idea what they really want. We got rid of their dictator and we need to give them back control of their country. I do not want to see anymore incidents like this.


The Angry Independent June 23, 2008 at 1:24 AM  

This is similar to the "Black Widows" of Chechnya, Russia. Most of these women live very traditional lives, where the males in the family are the primary income earners. When the men die (common in Iraq) these women often feel helpless and abandoned by their political leaders. Instead of traditional suicide, some choose to strike back at those who they feel had something to do with the deaths of their husbands, sons, & brothers.

The same thing has been seen in Palestine (to a lesser degree).

This is all an unintended consequence of the Bush administrations lack of a comprehensive plan after the invasion... (to include repairing the Iraqi infrastructure - bridges, electricity, etc, create jobs, preserve institutions, integrate women into the society, find ways to support families that have lost the head of household, etc.) If this had been done from day one (in addition to the counter-insurgency) many of these problems could have been avoided.

To this day, this is a very serious problem in Iraq...and it has gone under-reported. Colin Powell once warned the neo-cons that if you break it... you have to fix it (regarding invading & occupying Iraq or any other country). They have a long way to go before things are stable and self sustaining in Iraq.

Al Qaeda and other groups often offer good pay to anyone who is willing to plant bombs or they'll pay large sums to the families of those who agree to blow themselves up. This all seems to be connected, in large part, to the economic conditions there. When there are no jobs, people will do some pretty desperate things.

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