Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Omarosa Versus Wendy Williams - Round II

Omarosa clapped back at Wendy Williams, keeping this situation as negative and embarrassing as it was when it first broke in the media. All black women lose when buffoonish situations like this come to the national spotlight. This debacle was no different than some cat fight on Flava of Love.

I have to join on team Wendy Williams here for a second and agree that Omarosa did this on purpose for publicity. Watching the video, she was nasty and rude from the beginning. And for Wendy Williams, she showed an awful lot of restraint for her. And I can't imagine that Star Jones appreciated Omarosa dragging her name in this mess or taking a shot at her at the same time.

To quote the Fat Albert Gang, Omarosa is "like school in class."


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