Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Professor Tracey's Sports Round-Up

Update: Ron Artest to be traded to the Houston Rockets.

This lying, cheating, and scamming meat head only got 15 months for betting on and altering NBA games? Unbelievable!!!! He should have gotten the maximum sentence in my book.

The NBA's brand is just fine, because plenty of NBA teams are over-paying players again. Biedrins is not worth the 62 million Golden State paid him, Okafor is not worth the 72 million Charlotte paid him, and Kwame "Hands of Stone" Brown was grossly over-paid at 8 million for two years. What was Joe Dumars thinking?

Sasha Vujacic was the only bargain in this recent bunch of NBA signings at 15 million for three years.

In another disturbing case of a female athlete mimicking her male counterparts, University of Louisiana-Monroe women's basketball team member Regena Jackson was arrested for firing a gun from a on-campus apartment balcony. She was dismissed from the university. Between this kid and the WNBA brawl, women are getting into stuff they need to back away from in a hurry!

The Indy 500 costs too much to see in person for the fans to get short-changed with the race getting jacked up second-hand tires that Goodyear found at Big Lots!


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