Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Get It....America Doesn't Have A Race Problem....It Has A Jerome Corsi Problem

I have loved listening to mainstream media reporters and pundits struggling to honestly admit how much of a role race and racism has been playing in the Presidential campaign. They have been denying and waffling for months about the level of racism directed at Barack and Michelle Obama. Yet, when a right-wing crazy like Jerome Corsi appears on the political scene it is a refreshing and liberating display of open racism, blatant sexism, and flat-out hatred of anyone who is not white and conservative that just makes it impossible for mainstream media folks to stop pretending there is not a race problem in America.

Oh excuse me, I forgot, the nation is using new code words for it's collective racism. "Exotic" means "Black", so I guess America's race problem should be called a Corsi problem instead.


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