Saturday, August 9, 2008

John Edwards On Nightline - More Questions Than Answers

"All these folks talking about not knowing Barack Obama, clearly didn't know a thing about John Edwards." - Professor Tracey's Mama

After watching John Edwards on Nightline last night, I don't think he really helped himself or his family. The man was just not credible. He clearly left more questions dangling that he actually answered. In fact, his lies became even bigger and more calculating the more his extramarital affair was placed into context and into a timeline. John Edwards did a whole lot more than just cheat on his wife, he attempted to hoodwink the American people and we should never forget that fact.

It's clear now that Reille Hunter was not hired to make videos for Edwards' campaign, she was given a bogus job to justify her presence hanging around Edwards when she had no other earthly reason to be there. And it is extremely difficult to believe that NO ONE in Edwards campaign didn't know about the affair. In my view, close Edwards aide Jonathan Prince was talking out of both sides of his neck. Why are you on television talking about Edwards if you knew nothing about the affair? Why are you defending him? Prince knew, he just turned a blind eye like a lot of other folks in his campaign.

It is extremely troubling that both Reille Hunter and the alleged father of her child and former Edwards staffer Andrew Young are both living in multi-million dollar homes with no jobs and no clear sources of income. And when does someone need $15,000 a month to move away and begin their lives anew? And I'm not buying that Edwards didn't know that they were being paid off. He is clearly a talented and well-practiced liar.

I saw a man desperately trying to hang on to what was left of his political career. Still hanging on, when he needed to be letting go and focusing on repairing his family bonds. John Edwards needs to get some help. He has major issues. I did not see a man that understood that he attempted to run for President knowing that he had a atomic bomb scandal brewing in his closet and decided to still run anyway. He didn't apologize to the Democratic party or the American people for lying and for what could have been the biggest devastation of a political party if he had been the Democratic nominee.

This is not about public or private business, this is about right and wrong, and John Edwards is flat-out wrong here.


Felicity August 9, 2008 at 2:56 PM  

One of the problems is that these men and women lived very very very complicated lives. If John Edward's wife is terminally ill, then they could have discussed him having someone else, but this all other stuff. Oh dear!

jazine August 9, 2008 at 6:23 PM  

It's always a combination of black mail and/or a leak that makes men like Edwards and Spitzer come out publicly and finally admit to their indiscretions.

I've always felt something was off about Edwards, but unlike Professor Tracey, I dusted it off-not really paying much attention to it...shame on me. I did think for some reason that he probably cheated on Elizabeth. IDK...too much of the devoted husband bit he was playing when they both went on Oprah talking about the cancer and the impact it had on the family.

Edwards, like Spitzer, is a slime ball. They betrayed their supporters and swindled their money. I'm sure the public is tired of paying for these men's sex lives with these prostitutes and mistresses.

The Obama campaign and the Democratic Party would not have recovered if Edwards stayed within the fold when this scandal broke out. Edwards need to accept his career is OVER! Since his staff (with his knowledge, I'm sure) misappropriated funds, does this mean criminal charges will be brought against him?

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