Sunday, August 24, 2008

McCain's VP Short List Has To Be A Smokescreen Because The Guys On It Are Nothing But Flip-Flopping Brainless Clowns

I can't wait for McCain's VP pick. It can't really be Pawlenty, Lieberman or Romney. The way the GOP is going after Biden right now, I can't imagine that they would do that and then pick one of these dumb as a bag of rocks guys. Pawlenty actually said Obama should have picked General Petraeus! Say what? Clearly Pawlenty's porch light is flickering. And don't get me started on "Turncoat" Joe Lieberman.
I personally would love to see Romney picked. He's the dumbest of the three and the biggest phony. I can't wait to watch two of the richest men in politics explain they understand the pain of everyday working folk like you and me. If white working class folks fall for a McCain/Romney ticket, black folks will really know that white America was not really ready for a black president.


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