Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Senator Joe Lieberman Better Be Praying That John McCain Wins!

If Barack Obama wins and the Democrats pick up enough seats in the house and the senate, EVERYONE needs to drop the hammer on Joe Lieberman. He is one of the most two-faced men in the history of American politics. His actions during this political season cannot go without retaliation if he comes out on the losing end.

Lieberman is by circumstances only an Independent who claims to support Democratic values, but has openly campaigned for John McCain and will now have the nerve to speak at the GOP convention. WTH? Not only has Lieberman distorted and lied about Barack Obama, he has continued to do it after, Obama asked him to stop.

I really would love to see John McCain pick Lieberman as his VP, because he will be in for a royal shellacking from his own Republican buddies. What a complete and total Benedict Arnold!


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