Monday, August 18, 2008

Will Somebody, Anybody Pick A Vice-President Already!!!

Am I alone in being completely sick and tired of both candidates dancing around picking a running mate? Considering the completely wack-ass choices being floated by both candidates, I don't know what the hell the hold up is. Obama is clearly going to pick either Joe Biden or some generic piece of boring wonder bread in Bayh or Kaine.

And who the hell cares who McCain picks? I don't believe he's going to pick a woman, he likes to tell dumb-ass sexist jokes too much for that. And I would love for him to pick dumb as a box of racks Mitt Romney, but he wants the job too much. He just might pick Mr. Bill in human form, Tim Pawlenty and he's boredom in a box.

I just wish they would get this bullshit over with. There is absolutely no suspense, just a highly anticipated letdown.


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