Tuesday, September 16, 2008

America's Worst Nightmare! - Phil Gramm Being Named The Next U.S. Treasury Secretary Being Assisted On Economic Reform With Palin, Todd Not Sarah!

Yesterday's Wall Street massacre has to be laid directly at the feet of white America. They are responsible. Rich, white, fat cats on Wall Street, who were enabled by rich, white, fat cats in Washington. If poor-ass, working class, white folks vote John McCain and Sarah Palin into office, they deserve every home foreclosure, every job loss, every increased credit card interest rate, and every financial kick in the ass, a McCain presidency will be bring!

Remember Phil "It's Mental Recession" Gramm who called the American people a "nation of whiners"? Remember the same Phil Gramm that "quit" the McCain campaign, the same Phil Gramm that should not be working for the McCain campaign, but still is, the same Phil Gramm that drafted John "fundamentals of the economy are still strong" McCain's economic plan. This clueless and unethical numb skull could be in charge of the America economy!!! Absolutely frightening!!!
And do you trust GOP VP pick Sarah Palin to reform anything? Her idea of reform is to fire everyone that doesn't agree with her and her policies, then replace the fired folks with cronies that agree with everything she says. And what about the so-called "First Dude" Todd Palin? It's documented that Sarah Palin sat down with him instead of fellow legislators to do the state budget for Alaska, despite the fact that he does not work for the state, does not have a college degree, has no experience in finance, and has no absolutely no damn business being privy or involved in official state business. Do you really want some uneducated, semi-pro snow mobile racer, part-time fisherman, full-time riding his wife's coattails hammerhead being consulted and making decisions about the U.S. economy? Lawd, help us!


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