Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mainstream Media Rejects Covering Sarah Palin's First Meetings With World Leaders

Sarah Palin still has yet to hold an open press conference since she was named John McCain's running mate. She has done two heavily scripted television interviews where she did her absolute best to repeat the GOP talking points that had been drummed into her little head at every opportunity.

Despite not talking to the media, she has been blessed with tons of coverage, most of it good, until the press remembered its job and began digging into her background. Lie after lie has been uncovered, but Palin still refuses to meet with the press directly and answer their questions, instead she whines about unfair treatment by the press.

Well, the stalemate between Palin and the mainstream media may have just come to a final inevitable conclusion. Today, several major news agencies are refusing to cover Palin during her first meetings with foreign heads of state due to restrictions on their coverage by the McCain/Palin campaign. Apparently, they only want photos, but no real reporting of the actual meetings.

Since every single other candidate has faced the media, I think Sarah Palin should be ignored by the mainstream press. If she can't be candid now, what makes people think she will be anymore open if elected?


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