Saturday, September 13, 2008

Stop The GOP's Racist Campaign To Supress The Vote Of African Americans Nationwide!

Black folks please pay attention to the modern day version of the old fashioned Jim Crow era poll taxes, literacy tests, and property requirements that keep black folks from voting. The mainstream media is completely ignoring this story with the exception of Jonathan Alter of Newsweek. Please read his well-written and powerful article here.
Barack Obama needs every single vote! Please check with friends, family, co-workers, church folks, and damn strangers to see if they meet the EXACT legal requirements to vote in their state. The state of Michigan is really engaging in some dirty tactics to bar African Americans from voting. Other states to watch closely include Indiana and Wisconsin. Ohio and Florida, who already have sordid and ugly pasts with disenfranchising minority voters are both back at it again. After watching American Blackout, Georgia needs to be watched as well.

If Obama loses the election fair and square fine, but if the election is stolen through cheating, that's another thing entirely.


Anonymous,  September 13, 2008 at 7:46 AM  

I've been watching this especially living in Florida. West Palm Beach had a turnout of 18% for a recent election. They couldn't account for about 3,000 ballots; didn't know what happened to them and gave up on trying to figure it out. I mentioned it on my blog a few days ago.

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