Saturday, November 8, 2008

As The World Celebrates The First Black President - GOP Bloggers, Journalists, Pundits, And Politicians Fail Spectacularly To Be Gracious In Defeat

My one true measure of racial equality has always been how white folks react when the proverbial shoe is on the other foot, such as after all these decades of white men as President of the United States, a black man is elected President. One of my great pleasures in the election of Barack Obama is the fact that a rich and diverse voting body - rich and poor, black and white, young and old, gay and straight elected him to the highest office in the land. Now, I did not expect the Republican party or the numerous GOP factions to celebrate Obama's victory, but I did fully expect them to be classy, gracious, and respectful in defeat.

Unfortunately for the Republican party and its GOP partners in crime, they have failed miserably at showing any kind of grace in defeat and virtually no respect for the magnitude of Barack Obama's achievement. For a group of people that love to pound their chests and shout from the rooftops how much they love America, its people, and God, I find the lack of humility, the lack of respect, the lack of acceptance, and the lack of understanding historical achievement, a stunning , shocking, and disconcerting development. All the years that other people, other parties, acknowledged and accepted defeat of their candidates, the Republicans enjoyed the opportunity to walk into office with dignity and grace. In defeat, the Republicans should have been willing to return the favor, they owed the country and its people that much.

Instead, the right wing has acted like a group of petulant children whose toys have been taken away and given away to Goodwill. The "Christian" and "family" organization, Focus on the Family has compared Barack Obama's victory to the Nazis bombing Britain. Journalist, John Derbyshire of The Corner compared Barack Obama's plan to extend college financial assistance to those students willing to complete community service to forced labor during medieval times and in Nazi concentration camps. Fox News has done nothing for the past three days but blame Obama for the continuing fall of the stock market and the economy.

Right wing nutbag blogger, Michelle Malkin, who never fails to amaze with the depth of her own racial hatred has decided that rap songs, Black President and My President is Black have somehow turned the entire black population into a black version of the KKK. In honor of her race-baiting, mega-thick sliced baloney hateration, I have posted both videos on the blog for every one's enjoyment.

Starting this weekend the Republican party is having the first of many "summits" to discuss what has gone wrong with their party. I suggest they start by taking a long look at themselves in the mirror. Maybe they will catch a glimpse of the ugliness and inhumanity that the American people rejected on November 4th.


wisdomteachesme November 8, 2008 at 9:30 AM  

now you know that satan is not celebrating our win!
quickly he went right back into his mission of steal, kill and destroy!

and we would expect better from obama's critics?! naawww--would be nice--but naawww (Joshua 24:15)

in pearl ms, a bus driver and coach told the children not to mention obama being the pres or they would be suspended/written up/disciplined.

in many towns in texas, the papers refused to print obama's win on the front page-or the 2nd page- of their papers--and did not even deliver the papers to subscribers on wed morning--

i expect nothing less--and you know prof, it will get worse as the days go by.
You know, many people don't know they are slaves until it is to late!- (bush had a huge plantation)-
they are mad because they have been freed?? lol

some(all skin colors) people would rather
share crop then run to their freedom!
I also expect
'some people' to blow up some things and blame Obama--us terrorists!

all this family values stuff is lame and useless when your own family is jacked up and extremly disfunctional!
don't get me started on the people of color voting to ban gay tell you--so many are following the wrong leaders- speaking lies as truth. miseducation/misinformed/
just plain stupid.

Oh yes, we have plenty of work to do!

Oh Well....

Faith November 9, 2008 at 3:51 PM  

They can keep on keeping on and slide right into irrelevance. Even Cynthia McKinney was gracious in defeat.

Julia November 10, 2008 at 10:27 AM  

I agree. Their behavior is disgusting. And I thought being a small town, Joe six-pack, wholesomely playing catch with your kids in the park "real American" meant that you were supposed to be a good sport... But what do I know? I would have thought that the golden rule would apply too... Nice when you only apply your "family values" to people just like yourself.

Thanks for all the great posts, prof.

keishajackson January 1, 2009 at 9:45 PM  

Ok, First off all blacks are not Democrats, so everybody trying to put down Republicans as racist need to get better educated on facts. Black, White or Green, I did not vote for Obama. As for finally having a non white in the white house, Well, It's long past due. I didn't vote for Obama though, because I wasn't and am still not in agreement with all of his policies. Just to make things clear I wasn't in agreement with McCain either. However unlike many others I did NOT vote for Obama based on his skin color being the same as mine. I want a black man elected because he will do great things and will turn this country around and make it prosperous for all of us. Oh, and by the way Obama is NOT black, he is bi-racial. As far as all of that goes, if you will check easily verifiable facts, he is not the first bi-racial president either. My point of all of this is, to label all whites as haters for not wanting Obama as president is ignorant. Are some whites predjudice? YES YES YES. but not all that would be like a white person saying all rappers are thugs. If you want them to play nice then you need to play nice yourself. State facts when citing things as well, for example the news paper things. Name the papers and the cities or your point is nothing more than hear say and therefore meaningless. Have pride in your vote because you are allowed to have it, because of men and women of all colors having fought for ALL of our freedom and right to vote and live in a free society. As President Obama has shown being black does NOT!! keep you from succeeding in life. Drop the excuses and do like everybody else. I work my A** off to have a decent living and I expect as much from everybody else. To say we as blacks can't get a job because we are black is an insult from the people making that statement. There are a lot of jobs that immigrants legal and illegal have that could be had by any other american black, or white or other. Crap, get a job at Mc Donalds if you have to. You have to start somewhere. As for those who say, yeah, that's all a black man or woman could get. I worked at McDonalds and ain't nobody out there to good to start at the bottom. And when you do start at the bottom, at least when you get to the top you know you deserve it because you earned it. And one last thing for those who keep having kids and expect the rest of us who do work to pay our taxes to raise them. STOP!! We'd like to retire at some point with a little of that money we worked hard to make. I know lots of single mothers who work and raise their kids so there are no excuses. And Yes I am a PROUD BLACK WOMAN and I love the BLACK race. So for my fellow brothers and sisters who try to act offended when we are called black, how dare you. You are the ones who are maligning our race. Have pride, God gave us this skin and last time I checked it's been a long time since I had anybody straight from Africa in my family. I am an American, Period, always, first and foremost. God bless Dr. King, his vision is being distorted, he wanted unity and to over come the past. Not forget it but heal from it. We all have to live here together so stop the fighting.

Professor Tracey January 4, 2009 at 7:04 PM  

@Keisha -

What in the hell are you talking about? What is this rambling ass comment got to do with anything? What in the hell does this commentary have to do with the original posting?

I love like black folks like you. You can make up your own mind, but everyone else voted for Barack Obama because he was black, how in the hell do you know that? And if you didn't vote for McCain, who in the hell did you vote for? Your commentary makes no damn sense.

And you can argue about Obama being bi-racial all day, it doesn't matter. He has been called every racial slur directed at black folks since he has been running. Is the was the magic negro, not the bi-racial negro. So, what in the hell are you talking about? If you want to delude yourself about racial realities in America, fine, but please do not lecture others.

And Barack Obama identifies as black, the man has said so repeatedly, so who in the hell are you to tell him he's not black?

And you need to learn how to READ before running your mouth. This post was based on a subject that had been running in the news for days. I don't have to provide a link every time I write something because dummy lamonts like yourself don't bother to keep up with the news. If you want to know the back story, google it! It's called commentary, this is a blog, not a newspaper.

And what facts did you provide in your comments? You didn't mind running your mouth about bullshit you can't possibly know or prove. You're not the only proud or hard-working black woman in America. And I don't have to agree with you because you say so. This America and I can say whatever the hell I want.

And no one is fighting, I made an observation, if you don't like it too bad, don't read the blog. Don't come on here rambling on about some bull crap this post was never about. You just made a bunch of false assumptions and you want folks to get along. Spare me!

You could have had a discussion instead you're on my blog trying to tell what to think. That doesn't fly here.

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