Sunday, November 9, 2008

Racism Still Lives! - The Economic Crash, Ashley Todd And Proposition 8 - When All Else Fails Blame It On The Black Folks!

Crazy ass congresswoman Michelle Bachmann was quite competent when it came to understanding the politics of race in America. She was one of several folks who went on the rampage blaming minorities specifically black folks for the economic crash. She even had the nerve to read a one-sided, now debunked editorial blaming minorities for the housing market crash into the congressional record. Neil Cavuto of Fox News also jumped on the blame it on the blacks bandwagon.
Ashley Todd was quite competent when it came to understanding the politics of race in America. In the 21st century, at twenty years of age, Ms. Ashley Todd fully understood the power of a white woman accusing a black man of robbing, physically attacking, and sexually assaulting her. Within moments of her accusation, she had unleashed a political firestorm that had the potential of being the equivalent of a racial tsunami. Only because of competent and swift police work did Black America avoid another Charles Stuart and Susan Smith incident in America's "blame-a-nigger" history.
Now, gay activist and blogger, Dan Savage has shown that he is quite competent when it came to understanding the politics of race in America. Mr. Savage fired off a heated blog post blaming black homophobia (basically ALL black people in Califronia) for the passing of the anti-same sex marriage bill, Proposition 8. Despite the fact that his analysis of black voters on election day in California was completely wrong, not to mention his understanding of the black community non-existent, he did not hesitate to begin pointing fingers at black people.

America made great strides electing its first African American President, but it is quite clear that in THE 21ST CENTURY - RACE REMAINS THE GREATEST PROBLEM IN AMERICA! Racism and racial discrimination will continue to exist in the United States as long as white folks continue to hold and use the black scapegoat card every time things don't go their way.


Faith November 9, 2008 at 3:47 PM  

White privilege trumps everything! This sucks but it is so good for ALL the CRAP to keep on coming. Let all the racism float to the surface. Let people stop pretending under the guise of being PC. Don't let people think because they voted for one (half)Black person that they've made an exception for that they are absolved of all their attitudes. This is a good thing because they have to make a choice about continuing their behavior and living with the consequences (no tit for tat for you!) or actually dealing with all those 'undesirables' know US. And they also have to stop ignoring PoC who are GLBTQI. When a totally down Black lesbian is running (with Board Member support and agenda policy control and check-writing privileges) one the Gay Rights Industrial Complex organizations then things will start to change. Until then they can keep hitting the brick wall. And they also need to involve straight people who are supportive. It is all about parity and reciprocity.

focusedpurpose November 9, 2008 at 7:09 PM  

Prof T-

i think black folks are going to have to reckon with the fact that racism will get to live and fester now that there are black and black-ish faces headed to the white house. i am already hearing gleeful whites speak to their relief that black folks can now "stop whining" and "milking racism for all it's worth".

considering that his royal O-ness made a point of not addressing black folks or issues that directly impact black folks in exchange for black folks' support; (and i know, i know most black folks accepted it because he HAD to in order to be elected. i know, i know he is the potus for ALL americans, just not the noi or anyone else that might frighten scary white folks) i say we may well put on our helmets and get ready. when the other shoe drops, and IT WILL, it is going to cause immense injury to most black folks.

now i know i have committed O blasphemy in my observations:-) it's ok. i am just saying. (now putting on my helmet to avoid any great injury. lol!)

blessings all-

GoldenAh November 9, 2008 at 9:18 PM  

Yet Dan Savage will continue to work. We will never campaign to deny him a job, force him to publicly apologize, or be an outcast like they've done to Isaiah Washington. Funny that, eh?
Look how fast Don Imus got work. Where is Washington now?

Faith November 9, 2008 at 11:52 PM  


He's syndicated, but we can certainly write letters and call advertisers. I wonder if our time and energies might be better focused elsewhere though. This is just one instance of the racism that's going to exposed that we have to fight because a lot of white people think they did all Black people a favor by making an exception for one person they consider special.

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