Monday, November 24, 2008

Three Creepy White Dudes Emerging From Well-Deserved Purgatory Way Too Soon

Yuck! Disgraced pastor Ted Haggard is trying to re-emerge in the evangelical business again. He needs to find something else to do. He is the poster child of preachers who need to keep their lying eyes and forked tongues out of the lives of other people. I will never deny anyone's call to the ministry, but Haggard needs to avoid the socio-political platform preaching that got him into to trouble in the first place. Ted Haggard needs to find a small town with a tiny church in an even smaller community to sell insurance and serve as assistant pastor to somebody else.
If John Edwards wants to end poverty - great! Just do it from a distance dude. Nobody wants to see you! You don't need a public persona to do good work. In my book, this cat created a whole new standard of creepy, creepiest, decrepitude for creeping spouses in booty call history. And as long as that heavy boot, not shoe keeps dangling over the true paternity of his mistress' child, Edwards will always walk with a cloud of dirt trailing behind him like PigPen from the Peanuts Gang. John Edwards' career as a political animal is over.
Mark Foley needs to stay gone until he understands that a grown-ass man hitting on seventeen year old male pages is disgusting and against the law. He was not dealing with folks that were "almost 18" as he recently put it. He was interacting inappropriately with teenagers who were his subordinates at his place of employment. If he hasn't figured that out after being gone from the public eye for two years, he needs to remain gone. Mark Foley's career as a political animal is over as well.


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