Friday, November 7, 2008

Three Days Later And It Still Feels So Good!

I still can't get over the fact that both Indiana and North Carolina went for Obama. That just boggles my mind. I love the fact that Obama smashed McCain and the GOP is running around in circles trying to figure out what the hell happened. The GOP is almost as bad as the McCain campaign, they are coming up with a different reason why they lost every day since the election. I don't even feel the need to gloat, it's just fun to grin! How about you?


Shurl November 7, 2008 at 9:37 AM  

This week feels like one long, wonderful holiday. I'm in Chicago and this town is buzzing.

BTW, the rally on Tuesday was the most wonderful display of happy humans I have ever seen. The crowd was unbelievably massive. It was like America showed up and caused a revolution.

I can't wait to hear what President Obama will ask of us. I'm ready to work!!

BLKSeaGoat November 7, 2008 at 9:55 AM  

Obama supporters have class... we don't need to gloat because we KNOW we were on the winning side.

Ironically, I actually feel a little sorry for Sarah because her own party folks have been attacking her. It's extremely tasteless and hypocritical.

Regarding the resurgence of the Republican Party, I think they are teetering on the brink of destroying themselves. I can't gloat when somebody's writhing in pain on the ground, no matter how despicable they may be.

But it does feels so GOOD! Here in DC the atmosphere is so different. All of those grimacing people I encounter on my way to the office during my commute are now smiling. People say "Good morning" and mean it. Even today, the sun is out and good energy is in the air.

Pseudo-Adrienne November 7, 2008 at 2:41 PM  

I'm gloating not only because McPalin, Joe the Assbackward-Sycophant, FauxNews, and the racist-xenophobes who attended the McPalin rallies and were on the brink of forming lynch-mobs, were defeated. But because *certain* white-feminist-bloggers simply can't get over their shining symbol of White-Womanhood-- d'oh, I mean-- their "martyr" Senator HRC loosing the nomination to the now President-Elect Obama. I mean, really...have you checked out some of their blog?! Many have the very white-privileged audacity to claim that POCs-- especially WOCs-- shouldn't celebrate Mr. Obama's victory, because in their minds the election was "stolen" from white-women-- I mean-- Senator HRC. Because by virtue of being a MOC, I suppose in these particular white-feminists' minds, President-Elect Obama must be a swindler and trickster (eye-roll). Yeah, they're not committing Othering at all (please!). Hell, some of them even supported Gov. Palin as the triumphant reincarnation of their brand of [white] feminism, with all of its pretentious, race-baiting privileges. And they wonder why WOCs have a difficult time calling themselves 'feminists' (they need to read Bell Hooks' Ain't I a Woman: Black Women and Feminism). I'm waiting for them to make a white-feminist version of Birth of a Nation. Ah, [*certain*] blinded by their white-privileges and being regarded as the "golden-standard" of womanhood and getting their way over POCs-- especially WOCs. There's no denying that misogyny is thriving (and yes, both Senator HRC and Gov. Palin were subjected to misogynist attacks) and our world is still patriarchal (sigh, even the great Dr. King Jr, Malcolm X, and other male social justice leaders were patriarchal) and we must do all that we can to erradicate the patriarchy (and racism, homophobia, and classism). However the rage that certain white-feminists are exhibiting seems to be more about their white-womanhood not being catered and deferred to, as it has been since the reign/rule of Elizabeth Tudor the First of England. Freud-- that coked-up, misogynist ass-- would love psychoanalyzing these women. Again, here's to President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama! Forty-four! And hopefully President-Elect Obama will appoint more women-- of all racial backgrounds-- to his cabinet than any previous administration...and not Larry Summers for any position! (sorry for the rant, Prof!)

BLKSeaGoat November 7, 2008 at 3:19 PM  


Tell us how you REALLY feel. I thought your rant was great. I really need to check out your blog! BTW, I'm feeling you on the Lawrence Summers thing; I can just imagine him blaming the Economic Crisis on Women because the earn less, etc.

Pseudo-Adrienne November 7, 2008 at 4:54 PM  

Thanks, blkseagoat! But I don't have a blog right now because I'm still looking for full-time employment. And President-Elect Obama called himself a mutt during his press conference! LOL! He is my president! This is going to be a fantastic four-to-eight years!

Faith November 8, 2008 at 12:07 AM  

Adrienne, your comment was spot on and you really address some core issues esp about white woman privilege and protectionism.

I want to GLOAT!!! Eff them!

I'm having a bittersweet moment I suppose because all hell is breaking loose in CA over the No on 8 loss and the oh so quick speed with which white gays are trashing Black people and blaming them, using false percentages and exit polls instead of actual votes that point to whites voting against it overwhelmingly followed by Asians and Latinos. But somehow it's teh Blacks fault! Let the N word fly.

wisdomteachesme November 8, 2008 at 9:44 AM  

hey all=
yes, nc is blue--except for a few small counties that stayed red--

it's funny how a white woman in the grocery store line looked at me and said, our guy won didn't he!?
LOLOL (i had on no obama stuff)-LOLO
i said, oh yes! He did win--and I give God all the glory for it! she said amen--and walked away smiling!!
i was laughing--i thought it something how she just assumed i am for him--
i noticed that when i go out 'some people' just look almost like they are waiting for me to say something so they can say something!
lolololo-funny to me!

glad they want to let me know they voted for a black man--hahah hope they know that will not get them into the book of life!
even though it is a good thing they could see the truth about america's need for a tremendous change!

all i can do is smile! large and broad! there are not words that i can use to express how deeply this touches me.
Growing up at the time i did--seeing all that i have seen and heard and experienced from hate and racists people (b. 1962)--All this is something else! i am very proud to be an American--more than i have ever been!
I do caution that we don't allow the celebrating to blind us from being on the lookout for the evil azz fools that will show their temper tantrum motives soon!
I'm still walking around telling praising God for this Mighty Move of His Hand on our behalf! And will keep giving Him the Praise for this beautiful and awesome blessing!!

Claudia November 8, 2008 at 11:58 AM  

I am still stunned that NC went blue. I think it is one of the clearest demonstrations of the fact that we (blacks, progressive, liberals, etc) have more power than we think - if only we chose to use it!

In terms of gloating, I have to admit that I'm feeling a little bolder with my Obama gear. Surrounded by so many Republicans, I often thought twice about wearing my t-shirts and buttons. Now I wear them all the time - I guess it's my quiet way of gloating.... ha ha.

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