Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What Does Michelle Obama Mean To And For Black Women In America And Abroad?

This is a great article about Michelle Obama that raises some wonderful questions about her value as a role model and representative for African American women. What impact will Michelle Obama have on the country? Will the perception of black women in America change? Will African American women stop being stereotypical characters that the rest of the nation knows little about and has shown little interest in? Will Michelle Obama set cultural and social trends that all women will follow?

The promise and possibilities of her impact on America seem limitless at this time, but I also reserve a bit of caution, that folks not place such great expectations on the shoulders of one black woman. She is after all, just like many black women in this country. A black woman who has worked hard for what she has and is working even harder to keep it. I wish her luck, much happiness, and many more blessings in the days to come.


Renee November 26, 2008 at 2:16 AM  

Being who MO is we can expect her to be judged harsher than any other first lady. While I think that MO presents a wonderful image of black womanhood, we should be careful about elevating someone on a pedestal. We all have human frailties and MO is no different.

We should instead try to focus on getting a wider representation of black womanhood. Yes MO is a beautiful educated dark skinned sister, but the single mom who is working hard daily to raise her child is equally worthy of our respect. The young black lesbian that faces violence because of her sexuality and race also deserves our respect.

We are complicated women and I believe reducing our representation to one woman no matter how wonderful is a mistake.

Faith November 26, 2008 at 2:39 AM  

Well I'm tired of hearing white women putting their spin on who they think she should be. I also don't want to hear any other Black women talking about her booty! I would actually like to hear from Latina, Asian and Native women's take on how they view having a non-white First Lady and if they feel any kinship.

No we should put Michelle on a pedestal but we should recognize that her rise in stature to the world stage and we should be preparing ourselves to benefit from that.

BLKSeaGoat November 26, 2008 at 3:46 AM  

I lone the naps and the new growth. I soooooooooo respect MO. Truthfully, she is the brains behind the man... she and a few others would get it if I were not a homosexual...

wisdomteachesme November 26, 2008 at 5:05 PM  

hummm, what does she bring to the table as far as black women go....

that Our gifts from God can become national treasures. And be recognized as Such.

that the courageous will succeed when fueled by love and faith. And be recognized as Such.

that even the single mom and the lesbian of color, the first nation woman, the asian woman (& all the men) and all the other combinations that exists; can believe in who God made them to be and to also step forth by faith-and get to the destination prepared in part by the journey it took to get there.

and yes, of course, even the white women/men will learn something from The Time for this to be- Is here Now.

whether anyone admits it or not--we all have been changed in one way or more.
knowing what those changes are and embracing them as opportunities is the next step. some are too scared to change though. they put power to fear instead of into courage.

what everyone should be ready to learn and accept is the condition of their hearts.
courage or fear?
love or hate?
growth or stagnation?

and all the other areas that live in our hearts will be brought to the center stage to be dealt with.
when you look at the comments, the actions and the general way people are responding and re-acting to the time being Now, for this to happen--the mouth is speaking what the heart loves and grows. be it hate, excitment, joy, confusion, comes from the heart first.

i am fully excited about this change for America. I have always loved America--we are such a rich nation. now i am extremely Proud of how we as a whole have stepped into the flow of His Spirit and It's Wave that has taken over and said; that what had been planned Will come to pass. and so it has.
whether people believe this is the power of God or not--does not change what It IS. He believes in us all.

and yes, with any change hard work is involved.

Part of All This is, it is up to each of us as individuals to see all the opportunities that are parts of the whole, produced from this Flow and to understand that God did make the worm as food for the birds--but He does not throw them in the nests.

I see this as not just an opportunity for the Obamas only to help America with a Few of it's ills, but also for each of us to recognize that this is really a very Powerful Flow of The Spirit that is upon us now--growth is so abundantly possible now for anyone who wants to grow- to change for the better. Just Ask. We have An UnShakeable Kingdom-let us use it as it should be used.

Michelle Obama has courage and love, that is what so many of us need. courage to do what we know is right and good.
courage to want to change and to stick to it till the end.

Oh yeah, prof, without a Doubt Michelle Obama is in the Right Place At such A Time As This!

lolol I LOVE IT!

Ananda November 30, 2008 at 10:31 AM  

It was an awesome interview. I love the photo. Did you submit for Blogher?

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