Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One Giant Step To Fulfilling The Dream!

Dr. King knew it was possible. Watch here!


Lindiwe January 20, 2009 at 4:55 AM  

Obama gives historians an opportunity to set African American history right. Studying the history of African Americans in early America is both painful and exhilarating.

However, since Obama’s amazing achievement, that sentiment has not and will not change going into the future. It is still painful to learn of African American’s terrible enslavement and that there is not a National Slavery museum documenting African American history. Moreover, it is still painful that America has not paid Africans for building America, creating its economic power, and most importantly its White House. However, it was then and now exhilarating to learn how African Americans rebelled, ran away, resisted their oppression, and now how one African America man with an African name has to rebuild America. It is serendipitous how Obama has to rebuild America’s infrastructures and repair its economic system; because African Americans always possessed the ability to learn and achieve greatness, the same as whites.

Now from an amateur historian’s perspective, it will be interesting to see how other historians take on the challenge ahead of them. Will they write African American history similar to the manner that it has been written throughout the centuries, or will they rewrite African American history that at least gives accolades to the true leader and director of the 1963 March on Washington – Asa Philip Randolph? Will they elucidate that Dr. King’s mass-media made speech, “I Have a Dream,” was not about dreaming, but, ironically, about what Obama’s administration has to do, for instance: Return jobs and housing to Americans, and uplift a class of people – the poor people – some now known as the middle class and the working class, the class that now cannot fuel the broken economic system because of an unregulated capitalist system and greedy businessmen of the past. Most importantly, two thirds of Dr. King’s speech was about America not returning to the “normal” business of segregating and oppressing the poor.

Let me be clear, Dr. King’s speech was exciting and spiritually moving yet insipid in comparison to Asa Philip Randolph’s opening remarks or The Pledge Asa Philip Randolph made after Dr. King’s speech on the economic plight of African Americans. Nevertheless, Obama’s adventures in the White House will do one epic thing for other African Americans: it will stop some of us from dreaming and start some of us to striving to achieve goals and ethics in life, to build a happier and healthier life for future generations. Albeit, Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither was the White House. Most importantly, this isn’t the first time capitalism has been taken back to the drawing board, but it is the first time that capitalism has been interwoven with socialism. It is truly the first time that the Left Wing of politics can sensibly change America for all of its citizens. It is also an opportunity for some historians to get our history right.

The road ahead is going to be long and hard, but I am optimistic about Obama’s governing skills will repair America and that some historians will also repair African American history in the schoolbooks. When this opportunity is seized by the governing bodies and historians, the world’s overall view of America will indeed “change.”

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