Friday, January 2, 2009

Still Pooped From New Year's Eve And New Year's Day? Well Too Bad! Get Yourself Together! - Black Folks Got Some Serious Work To Do In 2009!

I'm not one much for New Year's resolutions, I prefer folks just get to work on the things they want to change or improve in their lives. I'm also all for hopes and dreams. I will be laying out my own ideas for the new year over the next few future posts, but I would love to hear your plans for 2009, if you are willing to share.


msladydeborah January 2, 2009 at 3:46 PM  

Happy New Year to you!

I don't do resolutions at the beginning of the year.
It has been my personal experience that those are personal contracts that are seldom fully honored.

I have the desire and determination to finish up my degree work and a 34 year hiatus. I have earned an Associates. But I want the personal satisfaction of a Bachelor degree. That is top on my list.

Growing older and remaining reasonably healthy for a Black Boomer is another desire.

Changing my employment situation is a must do. I really have to achieve this particular goal.

Spending more time with my grandies is also up to be accomplished.

Claudia January 2, 2009 at 4:25 PM  

Hi Prof. T:

(I tried to post a comment already but I think something happened with Blogger and it got lost, so if this is a repeat, please disregard!)

I love your adorable little pup! What a great way to start the new year.

Re: my resolutions/goals for 2009. Like Oprah (smile), I've slipped with my weight and I have not been making activity/exercise a priority in my daily life. That needs to change. I'm going to start with small goals, but the key is consistency. My new motto is: HEALTHY AND FINE FOR 2009!!!!!

I am also going to be more mindful of maintaining a good home/work balance, since I feel so frazzled all the time (and a few people have expressed some concern, so you know it must be bad). I don't want to be so stressed that I miss these precious early years with my daughter. So projecting a more peaceful and optimistic attitude is one of my goals starting now.

And of course, I'm looking forward to another fun-filled year reading your blog!

wisdomteachesme January 3, 2009 at 1:53 PM  

greetings sister PT.
i do love your new puppy. he is so cute! my daughters caught a look at him and fell in love right away. {ahhhhhhh} lol

glad that you have healed from your past loss.

the new year.....
my purpose for this new year (one day at a time) is the same as the last 7 new years.

To continue to allow His transformation in me, to complete what it is suppose to- changing me from being an emotionally self-led person-which is what we naturally gravitate to adopting--to being More reliant on Jesus to Spiritually lead me on my daily journey.
which is Him controlling More of my life & less of me trying to controll my life.
Everything else i desire will fall into place as i increase Him and decrease myself.

I can't give myself the best that He has for me by doing things my way-His best for me can only be achieved by my following the Way He says is best to reach His desired outcomes for my life.

I have been so happy and content living this Way!
No pressures, or stress trying to take me out because i let them like i used to. They never get into my heart to even begin hurting me anymore.

We can't help ourselves by ourselves.

was it albert enstein who said something like, only a fool keeps using the same methods to achieve a different result.

that is what i keep seeing through the years--people trying the same things and hoping it will get them a different result. it will not happen that way. they will get results-but not different positive-forward moving results-that also help others. the best results for them-they keep missing.

all these changes that people want for the world, by helping smaller groups of oppressed people-would be better carried out and success achieved if the organizersand workers of each group would find out What God knows- what needs to be changed and in what order the changes need to take place.
What is essential to our lives cannot be seen by the natural eye.

It will take one person to have a different mind-set for a slave to free a slave;
When the enslaved will not take the helping hand of the freed person.

I'll stop there, as i
know the Trinity is not 'popular' with many groups-unless 'they' are wanting to use Him to oppress and reject people. OH, and if some natural or manmade storm takes out a few hundred/thousand people--then 'they' all call on Him.
and I keep praying....

My Hope is that people will slow down, take more time for themselves-not to feed their emotional hunger-trying to satisfy their shallow need to get stuff and be important to others--but to feed the hunger in their hearts--to understand that the void they have in them man-made things will not fill. That is a thirst that only He can quench.

and i keep i know people will come around when the timing is right for them to.

We have been Wonderfully and Beautifully Made!
we are to BLOOM!

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