Sunday, February 1, 2009

California Octuplets Is A Major Example Of Reproduction Gone Completely Wrong

The more that is learned about this case, the worse it gets. This woman had absolutely no business having any more children. No husband, no job, with financially struggling, overworked, aging parents. This woman now has 14 children, all under the age of eight, not to mention one of the six children she already had is autistic.

OUTRAGEOUS! Now, this woman is counting on media interview deals and other public hustles to support this brood. And what sucks is the fact that she is going to get that money. This woman clearly has mental and emotional issues with 14 children to raise. What kind of life are these kids going to have? Will everyone get enough love and attention? No father at all? If you believe the media reports, not one of 14 children were conceived in natural manner. Every single child was conceived through in vitro fertilization!

Not everyone is meant to have children, it's God's way and Nature's way. Medical advances have made it possible for folks to usurp this system. And they better start taking responsibility for their creations or we will have more women doing crazy stuff like this. This woman has just made it harder for every woman in America, particularly anyone who is actually serious about alternative reproductive methods.

I will pray for the best for this woman because of the children, but I am completely disgusted.


RainaHavock February 1, 2009 at 2:30 AM  

WTF? You mean she had all those children by artificial insemination? SMDH

cinco February 1, 2009 at 11:45 AM  

I am disgusted. There are too many damn people in this world already. Too many impoverished, abused, neglected children. I don't understand how this happened. Something is not clear. I thought people involved in the fertilization process had to have extensive mental health screening.

Her children should be placed for adoption, if not all of them these latest eight. Motherhood is a great thing. Parenting can be a thankless job, but someone needs to save these children. No way that this lady can provide the stability they need. It was a selfish ignorant thing to do.

The agency that provided this service, her prenatal doctors, (if any), should all be investigated and face some sort of disciplinary, and somehow the world embraces her and her 'issues'? What the fuck for? This is crazy and can anyone remember Susan Smith? The state should be involved from day one and intercede, be damn proactive instead of reactive...

Anonymous,  February 1, 2009 at 5:54 PM  

I expect alternative reproduction standards to become much, much tighter after this incident. The California woman was lucky. She could've lost all her babies before birth. She could have lost her own life at any time. What would have become of her 6 other children then?

LorMarie February 1, 2009 at 7:19 PM  

Before I slam this woman for what she's done, allow me to say that I have nothing against ART or the use of sperm donors if done as a last resort. These children will not grow up in a traditional home so a single woman must not go that route with out a plan to handle the consequences (positive or negative).

Now for the touchy part. This woman gave birth to 8 babies who will likely suffer from physical and mental disabilities because she decided not to selectively reduce. Don't get me wrong, I am not the type to push abortion/reduction at whim. But the fact is, high order multiples are dangerous for the children conceived. It's a tough question, but it must be asked nonetheless: Is it ethical to bring children into the world who will not enjoy the quality of life that most children have? Or should we simply give birth to children knowing the risks they will face?

This woman obviously has some type of mental disorder. Thus the reason I can't fathom why a doctor would participate in her fertility procedures. SHE ALREADY HAS 6 KIDS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. I understand and sympathize with the desire to have biological children. But If I want 14 kids, I'll "birth" about 2-3 and adopt the rest. But that's just me.

TD1016 February 1, 2009 at 9:51 PM  

IMO, this chick did go overboard and she does have issues. Let's be real though, fertilization is a money hungry business just like everything else. All about the money. So as long as there's money and no real regulations, there's a clinic/doctor that's willing. This will happen again. This is a time where regulations for sperm banks may be necessary. If your asked on an application how many children do you currently have and the answer is more than 4 (I think that's a decent amount), you should be denied in vitro.
Now to play a lil devils advocate. Yes, there are risk to high risk to multiple births, but one may say why abort is you're not at least 90% sure something is going to happen. Pregnancy in itself is a risk, whether your 20 or 45.
As for adoption. I think to a point that's a disservice to the kids. They didn't ask to be here, and most likely no one is going to adopt a set of 8, they would be split up, which could also be harmful.
The thing, their here now. This woman she be given all the social service help she can be given (mental health, child proective case support, etc.). For her sake, but mostly those kids.

Miriam February 2, 2009 at 4:48 PM  

that is wrong! How will she manage alone??? What was ashe thinking?

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