Saturday, February 7, 2009

L.A. Lakers And Charlotte Bobcats Swap Space Cadets - Is This A Good Trade?

Adam Morrison for Vlade Radmanovic? Is this an upgrade for the Lakers or is Phil Jackson getting rid of a player he was tired of? I thought it was more than a bit strange that Radmanovic didn't get into the big game against the Celtics on Thursday. I'm not crying for Radmanovic either, he just never seemed to get it together for a guy playing on a championship contending squad, but Morrison?

I never thought Adam Morrison would be a good pro, he was just a living and breathing example that Michael Jordan has absolutely no front office skills at all, but maybe he can do what Radmanovic could not, be a consistent three-pointer shooter, grab a few rebounds, and play half-assed defense without fouling every other play. The Lakers also got Shannon Brown, who will never make their squad, but might get to play a few practice.

Sounds like the Lakers might have some ideas of going after someone else in the near future and wanted to unload Radmanovic's hefty and unearned contract. With Morrison and Brown, they also picked up some trade-ready players somebody might want, so if they do decide to dump Lamar Odom instead of giving him a big contract, they don't have to give up anyone else, like Farmar.


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