Monday, March 9, 2009

Professor Tracey Completely Agrees With Her Blogging Sista Tami Over At What Tami Says - The L Word Finale Sucked Big Time!

From time to time, my blogging sista Tami over at What Tami Says completely reads my mind. I too was completely disappointed with the season finale of The L Word. It was damn awful in the terms of the history of TV series wrap-ups. It didn't tie up a damn thing and quite frankly they lied to their viewers all finale season long. That's unforgivable in terms of soap opera television. Truth be told, The L Word should have been canceled a couple of years ago, it's been riding on it's previous reputation as a good show for the last 2 seasons.

Being a Pam Grier fanatic, I just could never completely let the show go even when it got tiresome, boring, stereotypical, racist, irritating, and sometimes just plain damn stupid. I mean what woman in her right damn mind would have stayed friends with Jenny Schecter's crazy ass, much less started having a sexual relationship with her? After six seasons, you would think that just once, Bette would have been attracted to a black woman like herself? And somebody's ass still needs to be kicked over the pigeon-English, ghetto-ass, Spanglish-speaking, hard-partying, but no job having, sexual sword-woman, "Papi" character. That was flat-out racist, period.I never got the popularity of the Shane McCutcheon character. I was with Papi" - she was nothing but "a skinny-ass white girl" with big-ass front teeth. I will lay down good money that we never see this actress again. She is typecast forever. And how come nobody ever kicked her lying, cheating, bony-ass, but once in six seasons? And even that time, it was by men, not a woman. And it was absolutely criminal how the creators of The L Word just abandoned the story line of the transgendered, working-class character Max. There were so many issues to explore with that character, but that clearly got in the way of the privileged white woman lesbian glamourama stories, the writers were more interested in presenting. And one of the most interesting later characters was Tasha, but she never got the chance to be a human being, just the black girlfriend plaything of Alice. Despite the ground-breaking nature of The L Word, it never got past it's own unique brand of tokenism with the minority characters.
Despite the major flop in terms of it's series ending finale, The L Word did provide six seasons of laughter, sadness, anger, puzzlement, thought-provoking moments, humanizing of lesbian and transgendered folks, exasperating plot twists, interesting discussions of numerous issues, and good old fashioned soap opera, call your mama or your girlfriends while the show is still on television. And that's really all a TV viewer can ask for, they'll do better next time. I predict an L Word reunion movie in about 3 years.


Tami March 9, 2009 at 7:34 PM  

LMAO! Oh, how could I forget Papi? "The L Word" portrayed Latina women just as poorly as it did black women. It was quite fond of the spicy Latina stereotype.

Jenny's crazy ass would have been bounced from my circle of friends with a quickness.

Anonymous,  March 9, 2009 at 8:37 PM  

You summed up my love-hate relationship with the L Word!!! I didn't start watching it until the forth season and then I was drawn in. I was HIGHLY upset with the finale because it seriously left me hanging! Who in the hell killed Jenny?

There was an internet show written by a black women, I think it was called Brothers & Sisters, gotta check on that. It came out shortly after Noah's Arc. It had a really good storyline and believeable characters, but because the staff is all black and brown, it won't get picked up by Cable Network.

page March 10, 2009 at 9:44 AM  

A few years back Bet had one of her many affairs with a woman named Candice( i think) the carpenter. I never could tell if she were black or latino? I hoped black. So that gave us all of 4.5 black people. (Bet, Kit, Ben, Candice, tasha) But that is not so surpriseing, it represendts most circles I have viewed. Not s true mixture in social circles.

Any who... you are right - Shane would have been beat up and stalked more than twice in 6 years. Jenny would have been in NO ONE'S circle of friends...... She was crazy and kinda seemed that way in the show before the show when the actors were talking.

I almost did not recognize Dana with blond hair.........I realy missed her and Alice together. They were comical.

I will try and find "brothers and Sisters" there is also a movie looking for distribtion for called "Family" maybe. I have to look it up when I get home. I found it on After Ellen.

I almost did not recognize Dana with blond hair.........

jazine March 10, 2009 at 9:51 AM  

I'm not surprised the writers washed their hands with the L Word by providing a sucky ending. As you said Prof. T, they dropped the ball a few seasons ago. I got tired of it when it became a wannabe Dallas soap opera. And you're right, I didn't understand why Bette was never attracted to black women, even a biracial black woman like herself.

They never knew how to write women of color. There were no Asian women at all on the show. Black women and Latinas were borderline coon characters. The most decent character was the dj who was suppose to marry Shane. Why women love Shane is a mystery. I read the message boards, and a lot of straight women find her sexy. Maybe because she looks so much like a man but is still a woman. ????

I have to say I'm glad Jenny was killed off. Too bad they didn't do it a few seasons back.

page March 10, 2009 at 6:41 PM  

I am on a list serve for the L-word and no one liked the ending as well. But the "what the hell?" conversation is when did Angelica call Ben (Kits boyfriend) daddy.... They are just so appalled. Since Angus left the show poor Angelica hasn't seen a man let alone a black man..........opps I forgot Max. I assume Bett and Tina are telling her, her father is black and hense the first black man she see's is Ben - the stright grag queen.

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