Monday, March 2, 2009

White Republican Self-Proclaimed Rapper "Hi-Caliber" Has Absolutely No Clue What Hip Hop Is About Or What It Stands For

This cat steals without shame from an urban art form created and developed by people of color to ridicule and bash the very same people of color whose art form he is badly mimicking? Michael Savage? This dude idolizes Michael Savage? This guy is definitely not hip hop, he clearly doesn't know a damn thing about rap music or hip hop culture. Real hip hop would never support this crap he's spewing and any rap artist worth his salt would most certainly not be at CPAC dropping verses.

And in typical white boy fashion this idiot thinks he's the "first self-proclaimed Republican rapper." He's wrong about that fact by at least 15 years because some brotha came out as a Republican rapper in the 1990s, appearing in a three-piece suit with a American flag bandanna tied around his gigantic head, looking like Uncle Tom The Rapper, until the GOP lost interest when he couldn't deliver even one other black person to the Republican party other than his opportunistic self.
Not mention this fool Cowboy Troy has appeared at several Republican party events and is a strict conservative Republican. Ever since the early 1990s when rap music changed into the hip hop music hustle abomination it is now, there has always been some clown willing to be the lone minstrel negro at Republican events. Including this meat head called Uncle Murda, who supported John McCain last year. Yes, he gets two giant steps back for putting Uncle and a mega-Ebonics misspelling of m-u-r-d-e-r as his stage name.

So, I'm not really mad at Hi-Caliber, it isn't his fault that he is ignorant, untalented, and ill-informed. I would really like to kick the ass of The Daily Beast's Max Blumenthal for head-nodding to this man's crappy rhymes and not asking him any real questions about this dude using a predominantly black art form to bash the first black President.


Dark Moon March 3, 2009 at 11:21 PM  

Horrible! Joaquin Phoenix's pathetic stab at Rap during his nervous breakdown may actually be incrementally better.

Anonymous,  March 26, 2009 at 5:29 PM  

What a COON!!! Cowboy Troy and Uncle Murder? Why brotha why?

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