Sunday, May 17, 2009

L.A. Lakers Finally Dispose Of The Rockets - Up Next The Denver Nuggets

I'm glad they played hard because the Nuggets are looking awesome.


Anonymous,  May 18, 2009 at 2:11 PM  

You know Prof,

Thats the thing. As much as I love the Lakers - and I truly do I have to agree with Barkley when he says that the way they play it pisses him off because of the effort they give night to night.

When the Lake Show loses, I may not like it but I can take it when they have an off night - or if someone just took it to them. However, the lifeless play, the lack of hustle and this look of "We are the Lakers so bow down" is a bad wrap that someone like the Celtics never has issue with. You may hear Doc say "we didn't play well or do what we were supposed to do" you never hear him say our effort and intensity sucked. NEVER!

Remember when Phil said last year during halftime of game 6? "don't just give it away..."

I put this on Kobe too - because its clear on most evenings that kobe is ready to play - and it's especially noticible when he is in that "i will not be stopped mode." the diff in he and Magic and Michael is that they didn't just get themselves ready they got everybody else ready too.

Like if the Bulls has that closeout game at Houston the other night, Michael would have set up a tee time on Sunday when game 7 was scheduled. He would let everyone from the starters to the 12th man that mediocrity and a half assed effort was not expected. Magic would be on his guys in practice and the locker room - even on the court to bring the effort on every play regardless of what happens.

Kobe doesn't do that. Not to say it has to be his style - but its his responsibility. Somebody needs to give Sasha a Code Red. He shoots horribly lately and his D is nothing but a weak attempt to steal the ball from any person he's checking. He's always gambling and losing in one on one situations - but he chucks it up every chance he gets. I thought we got rid of Radmonovic for that reason.

Getting your ass beat in the NBA is no shame - getting outworked is embarrassing and just a plain old turnoff! You would think LA won the freaggin championship last year instead of getting spanked in game 6 like they stole something the way they act sometimes.

I just wonder if cats want and NEED to win like they used to...

Professor Tracey May 19, 2009 at 12:06 PM  

I truly feel the passion of your remarks and I agree with much of it in different ways. It's not Kobe's job to get folks motivated to play - that's why they get paid. I think it is offensive that a professional athlete has to be motivated by another athlete to play. Kobe plays hard every night - that's called leading by example.

And I'm not sure that MJ is the best example either. He was universally hated by his teammates. And was well known for being nasty to his teammates, even after winning the championship. I think Kobe would destroy the Lakers if he did what MJ did. And what in the hell happened to Paul Pierce in Game 7 at Boston the other night? Was he dogging it? And what about David West with New Orleans this year?

Pau Gasol needs to get off his ass and toughen up. I think he's soft as hell. And Lamar Odom has always been a head case. He will never be a superstar, he only be great -sometimes. And Derek Fisher and Trevor Ariza play hard every night, I think it's Fisher's age and Ariza's inexperience that showed in Houston.

And a lot of folks have talent and don't deliver. I'm with you on Sasha, but Kobe's not the one that keeps playing him. Why isn't Brown getting his minutes too? And I'd like to see a bit more coaching out of Phil and less of the Zen master bull crap. He's not impressing me much either. He got out-coached in Houston. It wasn't just poor play that got the Lakers beaten so badly in the Houston series.

Players have to be hungry to win, if they aren't there is much anyone can do. If the Lakers play like stiffs then they will be watching with the rest us as Lebron's lifts the MVP and NBA Championship trophies at the same time.

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