Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Few Notes And Questions About The 2009 NBA Draft And Off Season Summer Trades

If I was a New York Knicks fan, I would have also been sick that Golden State drafted Stephen Curry before the Knicks had the chance.

Somebody needs to tell Minnesota that Ricky Rubio ain't coming to their squad EVER.

How long before Shaq starts trashing his former Suns' teammates?

And how long before Vince Carter starts trashing his former Nets' teammates?

Where is Carlos Boozer gonna end up, cause it ain't gonna be Utah?

Michael Jordan was arguably the greatest NBA player of all time, but he is truly one of the worst general managers and I can't imagine he would be a good NBA team owner either.

And I still can't believe that the Boston Celtics tried to shop Rajon Rondo. I find it interesting that after he saved their bacon with the playoff series with Chicago that he's to blame for them getting beat by Orlando. The all-stars, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce played like shit, but it's Rondo's fault they lost. Celtics GM Danny Ainge is full of Boston baked beans.


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