Thursday, July 2, 2009

NBA Champ L.A. Lakers Reach Verbal Agreement To Sign Crazy Ass Ron Artest

As soon as reports started surfacing that Trevor Ariza was getting greedy in his contract negotiations with the Lakers, I had a feeling his days were going to be numbered. And lo and behold, the Lakers sign Ron Artest. As crazy as Ron Artest is, this is a great addition for the Lakers. He's tougher than Ariza and built like a mack truck. And the Lakers paid almost nothing for him. If Ron-Ron is focused on winning a ring, he will definitely help the Lakers.

Yes, Ariza is younger and putting together one hell of an NBA game, but he is reportedly getting close to 34 million to go to the Houston Rockets. That's one hell of an overpayment. And let's see how long Trevor Ariza enjoys losing in Houston with no Yao Ming or Ron Artest. Ariza must really need a big payday to give up a slot on a championship team like the Lakers or a championship contender like Cleveland. I guess one ring is enough for some guys.

Now all Mitch Kupchak has to do is re-sign Lamar Odom.
And Shannon Brown would be a nice gift if the Lakers can keep him too, but he's another dude that might feel the need to get a huge payday now instead of later.


Anonymous,  July 3, 2009 at 8:50 AM  

I agree with you except - I think LA had it in them to get Ron Ron anyway - because I'm not saying Ariza is a superstar - but the cat played righteous and at 24 he can only get better. I also think he prospered within the triangle. To me he was almost like a baby pippen throwing some intangibles that we needed. That being said I don't know that he got so much "greedy" as he just felt put off that the Lakers were only offering him the mid level exception - the minimum. Everybody knew the cat was gonna get paid - and thats righteous. I'm not saying we give him what Houston did - but offer a little more than they did at least just as an appreciation and acknowledgement thing. That is why I think they had Ron Ron in their sights all along. So they were like "F it! Take or leave it."

Now on the flip tip - Obviously they are going to sign Lamar - and Lamar and Ron grew up in NY together - played aau and all of that. boy oh boy. the space cadet and crazy ass ron as you call him. when they make up their minds you can't stop neither.

so i'll take it - for the sake of winning NOW though again I think ariza's upside is huge. like you said it will be interesting to see if his game grows being the feature cat with the rockets.

Professor Tracey July 3, 2009 at 10:04 AM  

bbgcmac -

I hear you, but the mid level exception was 5.9 million a year. What in the hell more did he want. Sounds like to me his agent overreached and Ariza screwed himself. It was not like he dominated the game when Kobe and Pau went to the bench. He was left open to shoot those three's because of those guys.

Let's see how many open shots he gets in Houston. You go from a team stacked with all-stars to a team that maybe rebuilding if YAO can't play. Wow.

Anonymous,  July 3, 2009 at 10:54 AM  

True that.... I'm with you 100.
I'm just saying he just wanted them to throw him a bone probably..make him feel "wanted."

you know cats want to be "courted" during free agency. lol

you see that bum rush the celtics put on sheed?

For US hell yea 6 mil is 6 mil.. AND to play for LA? I think their inflexibility put him off. Cleveland was gonna give him the same thing right? They had no choice unlike the Lakers. Pissing contest you know.

Plus everybody was saying he was finna get paid. the cat is 24 though so he probably ain't thinking like, "let me get another ring or two and the market is REALLY going to go up for me." Not too many young dudes think about legacy.

Last note:

When you think about Houston - isn't Ariza just like Battier? (defender, three point shooter) Don't be surprised if Shane gets moved. Hell I'd take him.

Professor Tracey July 3, 2009 at 2:01 PM  

bbgcmac -

I'm not getting the bum rush for Sheed. He's not getting better, he's getting worse.

And I'm not mad at Ariza, I think he let his agent get him in a mess. You don't play hardball with the Lakers. He's not Kobe.

And I'm with you, what exactly is the different between Battier and Ariza, other than speed and age? Neither one of them are big time scorers.

And I like Ben Gordon, but is he worth that kind of money? And Charlie V? The Pistons are spreading the green.

Anonymous,  July 3, 2009 at 4:17 PM  

I'm thinking the Celts think that an old Sheed can't be worse than a young Powe who can't play while recovering from an ACL. If the big three are healthy with Big Baby, Sheed is just another weapon and he ain't got to do nothing for real... I mean the team success ain't on him. I think Sheed in that situation can shine. But they brought a lot of heat to get him huh? LOL. Like he was Jesus Shuttlesworth or something - no pun intended.

Dr. I can't remember the last time so many teams have broken out the box trying to get loaded in one offseason. Vince to Orlando, Shaq to Cleveland (I'm not impressed with that one by the way cause Shaq don't put the work in) RJ to San Antone, now this with the Lakers. I like to see that willingness to win.

I read an article that says it like you do about Ariza's agent. GMs were saying he was all emotional losing his head. i guess trevor got souped by the dude.

As for the Piston's... I'm wondering if Joe D is losing his edge. Curry should have never been hired from the get. They did Chauncy a favor, a lifeboat off the titanic and trimming cap room for themselves and what not for 2010, but then to give all that jack to ben and ville? i don't know. it may be that nobody really wants to play in d-town anymore either. i can't see them contending for anything anytime soon.

ch555x July 3, 2009 at 6:08 PM  

I wasn't expecting this from the Lake-Show, though it appears that the Rockets are in rebuilding mode due to McGrady and Ming injuries. Next season just got that more interesting...

See ya in '09/'10!

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