Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another Case Where Saying Sorry Doesn't Quite Cut It - College B-Ball Coach Rick Pitino Is A Slimeball Who Should Resign

This dude blew up his family for sex on a table with some random woman? College athletes get dumped from their scholarships and teams for less stuff than Coach Pitino did. Yet, he gets to keep his job and millions in salary. Not to mention the endorsements and book deals.

A coach is no different than a professor. His reputation is important. He has a position of authority and he used it to get sex with a stranger. Unprotected sex with a stranger and then he paid her off like a whore to get rid of her. Doesn't even sound like he bothered to check to see if she really was pregnant. He just wanted her gone. What a great lesson to teach your male athletes.

Sorry doesn't fix it. Go be sorry in the unemployment line.


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