Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lamar Odom Must Have Really Needed To Get Married To A White Woman....Really Badly...I Mean Really, Really Badly

This is modern love? Last minute pre-nup agreement, you let some gossip news/reality show network pay for the wedding, and your children don't attend the wedding? Wow! That's a major expression of love and family coming together.

It's stuff like this where black women get annoyed with black men. If Lamar Odom had met Khloe Kardashian as an ordinary woman on Miami beach with her ass hanging out, he would have called her a gold digger, but because she's famous for being on television with her ass hanging out, she's marriage material. Wow! Really?

And any black woman he would have met doing the same crap as Ms. Kardashian would have had his boys crying FOUL if he had dared to marry her after one month. I hope this works out for Lamar because if it doesn't this dude better suffer in complete SILENCE.

I really don't give a damn who folks marry, but I can't stand black men acting like they made a catch with white women pimping their own bodies and engaging in outlandish, brainless behavior on television to be famous. Between Lamar Odom, Reggie Bush, that grinning fool that married Hugh Hefer's leftovers, it's like damn dude, do you really think you got something there? It's like looking at Kobe Bryant's wife, I always wonder, what in the hell is she doing in her life? Once you stop being a baby making machine, what's left? Spending dude's money? That's progress.

All that money, travel, and opportunity and these dudes still end up with women with such little value and such minor contributions to the world, but I guess that's it anyway. There is only room to feed only one giant ego, so you pick someone with no dreams, no life of their own to follow you around. Damn...........

And something to make you think...........

Where are all the Armenian men that the Kardashian girls are running away from? I wonder if they ever introduce any of their men to their black women friends or do they even have any black women for friends? Funny that.


roslynholcomb September 30, 2009 at 1:02 PM  

Okay, this title is the funniest one I've read about this bit of nuttiness so far. Rumor has it that it was a publicity stunt for her show and his clothing line. Hmm, apparently we don't need the gays to undermine the sanctity of marriage. We seem to be doing a pretty good job of it by our damned selves.

ch555x September 30, 2009 at 3:24 PM  


Co-sign on the title. Money must make the world go 'round. Otherwise, it'd collapse if it followed me around!

.::STELLA*DELLA::. September 30, 2009 at 5:39 PM  


Monie September 30, 2009 at 7:33 PM  

A lot of truisms in this post. Lol

And I think two of Khloe's brides maids were Black.

Professor Tracey September 30, 2009 at 8:09 PM  

@Monie -

Since the wedding was clearly staged, I have to wonder if the black bridesmaids were paid actresses. LOL!

LorMarie September 30, 2009 at 8:12 PM  

Wait a minute. This wasn't a hoax? I hate to say it but the Kardashian girls have lowered their value by hooking up with black men. Not saying it's right, just a result of racism in this society. Good thing they have their own money.

Hopefully, Lamar and Chloe will beat the odds.

rorysmomma September 30, 2009 at 8:21 PM  

have you been inside my head? famous black men want women of questionable reputation. who knew?

Phi Sister October 1, 2009 at 12:22 AM  

She's not as bad as Kim. She works in the store, she is intelligent. She doesn't just do nothing or have a sex tape. She does her best to make up for mistakes (like her DUI).

If she wants Lamar Odom she can have him, I'm not checkin' for him anyways. I hope they have the best, but I'm sad to hear his children weren't at his wedding. They should not have been kept away, she is going to be apart of their lives permanently.

Anonymous,  October 1, 2009 at 10:02 AM  

Actually, Prof. tracey, one of the black bridesmaids WAS an actress-Lauren London! And I guess you missed that ALL the pro ball players that were invited came with other ethnicities-not a black woman in the bunch! I also read that none of his family were there. His baby's momma wouldn't allow their kids to attend because she'd been with him for years and he marries this girl after 4 WEEKS? There's another rumor that Ryan Seacrest wants to feature the newlyweds in their own reality show. What is his fascination with this family? I've never watched the shows but just reading about these girls-I don't get it.

Professor Tracey October 1, 2009 at 10:53 AM  

@Shazzasharona -

I didn't watch it. I don't watch reality television. And I'm not surprised there wasn't a sister in the bunch of the brother man guests and failure to have any kind of custody worked out in order to have your children participate in your MAJOR life events is another typical black man failure in my book.

And I don't think it's a rumor, it's quite clear this was the foundation for a reality show.

@Phi Sister -

Think about what you just wrote. "She's not as bad a Kim." If that's the standard, it's mighty low. Being a few steps above your amateur porn star sister isn't saying much. And you can't "make-up" for DUI's other than stopping drinking and driving. And it's not about anyone "checking" for Lamar Odom, but what it says about our men and their view of black women as viable life partners.

lincolnperry October 1, 2009 at 1:34 PM  

I dont believe Khloe is white, forty years ago they would have been called olive complexion niggas, but I you believe that Athletes and Entertainers want Intellectual nut and berry black woman?

Eye D. VS Mel O. October 1, 2009 at 2:19 PM  

I hate to stoop to this level, but am I the only person who thinks that this chick is hideous?! I mean damn I know black men have this gravitational pull to the white woman once they reach near the top of that status ladder (in most cases), but can she at least be about something other than being famous for her fame and even if that isn't the case, be somewhat attractive. I mean damn!

rozz October 1, 2009 at 8:17 PM  

It's so pathetic. I, for one, am not attracted to black men and never have been, but it angers me how they will take any piece of trash over an educated, kind, beautiful BW. To be with women, who are but a mere FRACTION of a woman over a better BW, speaks volumes about how they see BW. SAD!

Shady_Grady October 2, 2009 at 9:11 AM  

Sigh. The majority of Black American men that are married, famous or not, smart or not, rich or not, NBA athletes or not, are married to black women.

The Odom-Kardashian "marriage" doesn't change that. One certainly can't jump to conclusions about how most black men see black women, based on Lamar Odom's romantic escapades.

Anonymous,  October 2, 2009 at 4:37 PM  

Lamar Odom has the right to marry whomever he wants. And Khloe Kardashian is just using her assets to secure her future. The Kardashians may seem rich, but her father is dead (he was one of OJ's lawyers, died after the trial) and Bruce Jenner and her mother have their own kids plus the ones they had together. Split between 6 or 7 kids, money goes fast.

All women should be using our assets to secure our futures (youth, beauty, intelligence, education, social circle, charm, family pedigree). Lots of young men around the world would be interested in marrying a charming, well-educated, black American woman. Yes, lots, but you only need to find one. We CAN choose if we think outside the box to marry well and use marriage as a step stone to a more interesting life. We do NOT need to marry Tyrone from the neighborhood to find someone who gets us; skin color is not the be all and end all of who we are. We have the right to love, date and marry any man we choose, of any color, from any place in the world.

This seems so simple and clear to me now. Black men have nothing, NOTHING, any other man doesn't also have. A man is a man is man. If black men were so unique and wonderful wouldn't most black women have smiles on their faces instead of the screwfaces so many of us wear? If a non-black man is good to you and shows you that he can protect and provide for you and MARRY you, you had better snatch him up. Some black women worry no other man besides a black one could understand our struggle with U.S. racism, eh maybe, but it has been my observation that the bulk of racism-soothing among blacks goes from women to men NOT the other way around. Choosing a non-black man may ensure yourself MORE empathy for your experiences than with a AA man.

My white Jewish fiance grew up in small town CT and is in many ways more aware of the nuances of racism than I am and he seeks to protect me from that. Any many that loves you will want to protect you.

This is so clear to me now that I am planning my own wedding and perusing daily sites like So many Asian women (both born in the US, raised here or recent arrivals) are marrying white guys, and this isn't just on the coast or in the big cities, but in places like Idaho and Kansas. And I read a lot of blogs, some Asian men are pissed! They call the women 'Twinkies' (an an insult like 'Oreo' is used), sell-outs and complain all their women are being stolen by white guys. Sound familiar?

But you know what? The Asian women don't care at all. They know they are Asian because they LOOK Asian, they don't need to prove their loyalty in any way or refuse to date who they want for fear of offending 'the Asian man' or their 'Asian brothers in the struggle. And the Asian men who do land an Asian woman tend to treat her quite well. Why? The competition (lots of well-off white guys) is right outside. You see, in a patriarchal society women are the prizes, not men. Black women treat black men like they are precious rare jewels and treat ourselves like we are a dime a dozen, when in fact it should be the other way around. Dating and mating is about supply and demand and we have artificially inflated black men's worth on the market 'til the situation we have now.

Black women need to stop having children with men we are not married to. Stop. We look like fools. It is not classy and it does not look good outside the all-black construct. We do not look 'independent' or progressive. Even my most 'feminist' 'new age' other-race friends get married before having a child. This 70% oow rate makes us look cheap.

Dimp88 October 5, 2009 at 11:29 PM  

Come on my black sisters, don’t hold it against the Kardashian sisters for wanting exactly what you and all women want, which is a man with big money and a big penis.

Why do you think Kendra left Huge Hefner after five years in the Playboy mansion to hook up with a black football player? Huge Hefner has the big money, but either Huge doesn’t have the big penis or he’s just too dam old to get the big penis up enough to satisfy a young sexually needy woman like Kendra, the Kardashian sisters, and yes, even you my black sisters.

Black men aren’t to be blamed for white women being more desirous of a race of men known to be born with big penises. Therefore, it's time for black people to cease from blaming black men born with a big penis and the skills to make big money for white women being just as much attracted to them as black women are. It’s time for all black people to rightfully blame the white structured and white orientated societies that African/Americans are raised in for instilling within our young black boys a sexual turn off to darker complexion girls that don't have light eyes or long straight silky hair growing out of their scalps.

Professor Tracey October 6, 2009 at 9:48 PM  

@Dimp88 -

You believe in the fake black man big dick mandingo theory, but you don't believe black men desire white women above their own black women. That doesn't make sense.

And there are plenty of positive images of black women and black men still reject black women, so it's more than the white power structure that's influencing their choices.

Professor Tracey October 6, 2009 at 9:49 PM  

@Shady Grady -

Sigh.....which black athletes are on tv pimping their black wives? There are at least five black male athletes doing that with their white wives.

Anonymous,  October 9, 2009 at 12:23 AM  

"...And it's not about anyone "checking" for Lamar Odom, but what it says about our men and their view of black women as viable life partners."

They're not OUR men Prof Tracey. Let's get it right. It'd behoove you and other bw to stop referring to black men as OURS. I don't want any associations to bm who are not related to me!

I wouldn't touch Odom with a ten-foot pole. I'm glad they're non-black women that WOULD. One less headache for me and other bw out there.

Anonymous,  October 9, 2009 at 11:18 AM  

obviously from some of the comments prof tracey people marry for different reasons. u know back in the day and in some cultures folk marry for status, class, money, pedigree, etc. the issue of love is post enlightenment.

i think overall in terms of marriage for choice, for will, for love, most of us are not prepared or have considered what it takes to have a successful marriage/partnership. i believe you need love, and you need to have some sense, some wisdom to implement your sense and without a doubt an abiding and resolute commitment to live it to the death - ever growing the marriage to that the friendship and kindship is internally satisfying.

thats just me - that will be my reason and intention. i think many choose for looks and love, and feel the rest will take care of itself. but then life happens and we find out how selfish we are and are confronted with letting go of self without losing ourselves. know what i mean? hell i'm 42 and it took me this long to come to this - but when you're young and dumb as I was - how are you gonna know? how would many others know.

it can be tough out here dating and not wanting to be alone. not knowing ourselves and what makes up happy? certainly not understanding serving and sacrifice....

the worst part is the kids - and then society results afterwards. too many of us parents doing our own things trying to find ourselves while those who come from us suffer because they don't have our attention and guidance.

anyway - don't mean to rant off. the subject is a sensitive one for me. i'm in no means some conservative natzi about it, but i think to do it right means something and its certainly helpful to our community and nation. the race issue in a way is a distraction to the real issues if we are talking about marriage.


Divalocity October 10, 2009 at 10:26 AM  

What you wrote is super hilarious! Maybe if the majority of BM would stop thinking of themselves as only a "big penis" they may actually move beyond that lie into positions of real power in this country.

That is nothing but one of the biggest lies in the world no more so than a BM as being thought of as better lovers, because many of you have been lied to for a very long time and many BM know that's not true either.

Who cares who these men marry? They are saving many women a burden and the stress that comes with having a man who thinks with his "big penis" and not his brain.

The "big penis" has not taken many BM beyond the bedroom, the corner, the basketball court, the football field, their mamas house, and the prison court yards into dominance, money power and respect.

Only the BM who actually use their real brains have and will achieve this, but those are the men they call sell-outs, the ones we don't revere nor admire for their real accomplishments.

The "big penis" has left nothing but destruction in our community in it's wake from AIDS to children left to be reared by their mothers and the Government when abandoned by the "big penis" to fend for themselves.

The "big penis" stud mentality is the residual from Slavery and many BM with this stud mentality are still SLAVES and nothing else regardless of how much money they have.

The millions they've acquired from sports and entertainment, which they never do anything with to empower the people and change lives means nothing but a show of conspicuous consumption. Personally, I'm not impressed

When they use their so called power to transform our communities into thriving and prosperous areas for the majority of the inhabitants, then maybe I'll see them as credible and significant. Then I'll be impressed, because it is something I have yet to see as a collective effort from BM.

In the meantime the "big penis" is just that, an appendage with very, very,very little power, no respect, no money and no prestige, nothing but a "limp big penis."

Ladies, many of you will be waiting a very long time for a mate and a "grown ass man" to move beyond the "big penis" concept if you want a real future. You've got to want more than the "big penis" because that hasn't did anything to improve our place in society.

It's time to move beyond that concept and open your hearts to love and a man that can provide first for himself and that of his family and if he can't do these two things-then keep it moving, do not waste your precious time on a "limp big penis" ever again!

Woo! That felt good to dispel that myth of the super stud, big penis-American Mandinka (Mandingo)Warrior God!

Shady_Grady October 11, 2009 at 1:06 PM  

Sorry, I don't watch a lot of reality TV, PT so I don't know which black athletes "pimping" their white wives you are referencing.

I do know though that most black athletes that are married are married to black women.

This includes people like Chauncey Billups, Kevin Garnett, Barry Sanders, Rasheed Wallace, Ben Wallace, Gary Sheffield, etc, etc, etc.

There is more attention (negative and positive) given to certain black athletes who have married out but they are a minority. Even wealthy black men who marry generally prefer to marry black women. Or put another way, white women generally prefer to marry white men. Either way you look at it, interracial bm/ww marriages are not something that deserve the level of hostility and paranoia that they seem to engender among all groups of people.

Selena October 11, 2009 at 9:16 PM  

@ Divalocity :-D


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