Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Monica Conyers Proves Why It's Not A Smart Thing For Married Women To Lead "Separate Lives" From Their Husbands

Of all the lies married folks tell themselves, I love the "we're married, but live separate lives" fib most of all. For people who are truly married and committed to each other, there is no such thing. Yes, you are two individuals who came together, but you pledged a bond of support, love, and acceptance. If you want to live your professional and personal lives separately from your spouse, you shouldn't bother with having one.

Clearly, Monica Conyers didn't tell her husband a damn thing and he didn't give a damn enough about her to care to know. That's not a marriage, that's just two folks with the same last name operating here. Now, sista Conyers is in huge trouble and her husband is clearly just shrugging his shoulders at her problems. And somehow I have to wonder if Ms. Conyers might be having some second thoughts about leading her "separate life" from her husband.


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