Friday, February 8, 2008

Completely Conflicted With Crunch Time Quickly Approaching

I have no firm idea who I am voting for. I switch between the two candidates everyday. The only thing I know for sure that I am not voting Republican and I am damn sure not voting for great, great grandfather John McCain. I was struck by a post done by my blog sista, Tami of What Tami Said, called "I've Got Issues. What Are Yours? She raised the idea of black women having specific issues that may be extremely diverse and cannot be shaped as one big voting platform. She asked folks to specifically list their issues. Go to her site and join in.

If you are still struggling with issues for the election, an excellent source is my other blog sista SheCodes' blog, Black Women Vote, I would also recommend Content Black Woman's blog, Why Black Women Are Angry, she is supporting Obama, but she reports on the on-going election in an extremely balanced fashion. There are no excuses about not making an informed choice for this election. It's one thing to struggle with making an decision, it's another thing to be ignorant.


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