Friday, March 7, 2008

Fisk University Gets To Keep Art Collection Dispute Breaking Terms Of Donation Agreement

Fisk University dodged a major bullet. A judge ruled that they could keep their multi-million dollar art collection donated by artist, Georgia O'Keefe despite breaking the terms of the donation agreement by attempting to sell pieces of the collection. Now, maybe the folks at Fisk will get off their collective asses and stop trying to cut corners.

The art collection has not been on display since 2005, why don't they get a private donor to get their gallery and security together, find a curator, art critic, art professor, somebody, anybody to donate their time putting the collection back together for display and hold a major fund raising gala by showcasing the art.

Sell postcards, t-shirts, keychains, mouse pads, anything to raise money for the school. Give school tours and charge a nominal fee - get art students to give the tours for free. Get the press involved, the NAACP, the Urban League, Jesse Jackson, I don't care who they get, but get to work! How can you have an art collect worth 100 million dollars and have no idea how to make money from it, other than selling it off? Black people are better than that!!!!


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