Saturday, March 15, 2008

No Bail For Accused Baby-Faced Killer

Very scary details are beginning to emerge about the group of black men and teenagers that have been accused of several robberies and murders that have occurred around the colleges and universities located in the surrounding areas of Durham, North Carolina. Law enforcement officials are relating this string of brutal crimes to black street gangs in Durham.

I have a strong feeling this is going to result in a major police crackdown in those neighborhoods where these gangs are operating, whether the police have suspects in those communities or not. All black people will pay for the crimes of a small few. If black folk in these communities are smart they will help the police get these predators out of their neighborhoods and then challenge the police to maintain the community policing and safety in their neighborhoods.


focusedpurpose March 15, 2008 at 10:34 AM  

Professor Tracey-

"maintaining community policing and safety in black neighborhoods" is not the function of the police department. never has been. under the present system, never will be.

we must save ourselves. the prison industrial complex is jam packed with our poor and underprivleged that can't afford the commodity we like to call "justice". it is government slavery. plain and simple. america loves free labor; she has never tried to pretend otherwise.

the conditions we see are very profitable. this is why the government refuses to stamp these third world conditions out at home.

of course, there are straight sociopaths imprisoned as well. i don't believe in making excuses and writing passes.

the sociopaths that control the government need to join the other ones in prison, in my humble opinion.


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