Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pat Buchanan Fails At Understanding American History And Culture Again!

How in the hell does Pat Buchanan keep his job as political pundit on television? The man says the most outrageous things, sounding completely ignorant of the realities of American history and culture. Check out his latest dumb-bunny racist comments at Media Matters.

Apparently old Pat got his panties all in the bunch over white men being criticized. He had this reply; "Look, what did white males do? OK, they were the only guys signing the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, all the dead at Gettysburg, all the dead at Normandy." I guess Pat is getting old and forgot that white men got to do all this historic and heroic moments because they discriminated and barred all others from participating.

People of color, women, and poor white folks would not have been allowed to sign the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. And considering how long those groups were denied equal rights according to the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence that is not a feat to crow about for white men. All Americans have sacrificed their lives in different wars throughout American history. I find it interesting that Mr. Buchanan thinks this is something to celebrate for white men as well, considering also that he is also historically incorrect in his assertion.

Many men have contributed greatly to this country, many men have fallen to have freedom in this country, but lets not pretend that white men did some special service to this country because no one else would not. They had the power and they paid the price to keep it. And that's the truth.


Anonymiss March 4, 2008 at 1:52 PM  

That's right Prof!

And Pat gets selective listening from me. I only listen to him when he takes a dump on Dubya.

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