Thursday, May 29, 2008

Don't Believe The Hype - The New Oprah/Obama Smear Campaign

Black folks keep blogging! The white-owned mainstream media is no fan of black folks. Over the past week, the mainstream media is trying it's hardest to convince the world that Oprah Winfrey's brand is in danger of collapsing. Despite the fact that the facts and figures they are using are so marginal and that industry insiders are telling them that Oprah ain't going anywhere she doesn't want to go, there is the mainstream media connecting Oprah's endorsement of Barack Obama to her "crumbling" media kingdom. Absolute hogwash!

Oprah's Big Give show was portrayed as being canceled, when the truth was Oprah decided not to continue doing the show. It averaged over 11 million viewers a show and finished second to American Idol, what network would not have renewed that show if they had the choice? The Rachel Ray show is faltering. True, but that's not Oprah's fault. Ms. Ray is the most overexposed and under-talented person on television! Too many shows on too many different networks, too many cookbooks, too many product endorsements, too many Muslim-like scarves. Every time you turn around there is Rachel Ray and those gigantic piano key teeth of hers. That child needs to learn how to say NO!

O - The Oprah Magazine has lost 10% of it's circulation in the last 3 years. Horrors! What magazine hasn't lost circulation with access increased to the Internet and the fact that America is tightening it's economic budget? I don't know about you, but when I'm counting pennies, one of the first things to go is buying magazines!

The Oprah Winfrey Show has had a decline in viewers over the last couple of years. More horrors! There are hundreds of cable channels, maybe people found something else to watch. Ellen is a hot show right now, but I remember when folks were burying Oprah during the Rosie show run. Where's Rosie now? Oprah's starting her own network and folks are trying to whine about ratings on the show that is still the number #1 rated show on daytime television?

Oprah's endorsement of Barack Obama alienated some of her core viewership. Double-Dip Horrors! Yes, some white folks got mad because Oprah finally supported a political candidate. It reminded all the white folks that Oprah was black and when white folks give you "transcending race status" they hate to be reminded that you might have interests outside of their agenda. And Oprah has been in the business over 30 years, it's not like Oprah didn't anticipate that backlash! And Oprah sure ain't apologizing for backing Obama.

The bottom line is Oprah Winfrey is a billionaire making mo' money than she can ever spend in this lifetime or the next. She is also a black woman with power and influence, that the mainstream media fears and is trying to marginalize. Don't believe the hype folks!!!!

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Greetings Professor Tracey!

I am laughing so hard about your views concerning Rachel Ray and her teeth! *LOL*

I am an Oprah fan! I didn't realize that her show, "The Big Give" was cancelled. I guess I need to click into her web site more than four times a month! *LOL*

I mentioned on my blog that the white media has several tactics that they deploy to ATTEMPT to control the stature of black public figures. I described the tactics that I have seen most often.

You have now given me another one to write about "Manufactured Demise" - the tactic by the white media of attempting to create negative expectations about a public figure's goodwill or influence in order to diminish a black public figure. I need to add that tactic to the list!

You are absolutely right - white folks wanted to put Oprah in the "she transcends race" category. I love what the white anti-racism activist, Tim Wise, said on television when he was on a panel at Howard University in March. (It was after that documentary about the black journalist who traced his roots to the family who owned his family.)

Tim Wise said that the phrase "transcends race" implies that being black is something to graduate from and that blacks must ascend to something higher than being black...he said that white politicians are not required to "transcend race". I completely agree.

Thanks for this post!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

GoldenAh May 30, 2008 at 6:52 PM  

Oprah shocked whites (esp. white women) when she supported Obama. Like you said, she reminded them she was black. That wasn't supposed to happen according to their favorite mammy / self-sacrificing black woman stereotypes.

Her ratings (overall) have held up well. All markets are in decline.

The reason for the recent hate-fest is transparent, but they went after her when she was against eating beef. Dr. Phil introduced himself to her down in Texas during the trial (filed by the beef industry). He came out of that situation, making her richer as a result, proving that there are benefits to adversity.

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