Thursday, May 8, 2008

Star Jones Claps Back At Barbara Walters!

Now Barbs should have known that Star was gonna have something to say! I'm with Star on this one! Barbs should be the last person talking about who is telling lies. You lie about an affair with a black man for 40 years, but you're sparking on Star for not telling everything to the world about losing weight? Who's zooming who? That's white privilege for ya ass!


wisdomteachesme May 8, 2008 at 11:41 AM  

yyyeeaahhhh, i hear you and barb has her issues...but i have to say that i don't see her speaking the truth about her affair as hurting to HIS family!! He already did that when He stepped out on his wife years ago. and how many others has he been with other than this white woman that spoke up? i throw no stones at all-but puhlease!! he should have said NO! but he didn't--

the consquences of our choices!

just wondering outloud....
how come no one is speaking on him for cheating on His family like that? since it is out in the open now...and you know the wife knew something...?? something??
what is everyone upset because he is black and she white?? cheating is cheating--i don't care if you have rainbow colors with polka dots!

walters is who she is--and i just have to leave star alone--she is still upset over leaving the view...and for making all her other mistakes--bad choices we all make at one time or another in our lives--ask for forgiveness --forgive yourself--learn from them AND move on.

she knew that boy was gay! i got no sympathy for these women who marry gay men- talking about i didn't know--BullSHEEETTTT!!
Some of these men do hide it very well--but many othersdon't--some of these women know.
i smelled him through the tv when i saw them together.
like i do with a lot of couples.
chile pulease!!

lol May 8, 2008 at 6:25 PM  

Hello Professor Tracey!

WisdomTeachesMe, you are cracking me up over here! *LOL

I don't think Barbara Walters LIED about the affair. She HID the affair but she wasn't on t.v. lying about it because no one was asking her about it.

Star was constantly receiving questions about her weight loss and she kept lying.

Star doesn't realize that she doesn't have an audience anymore - black women (for the most part) abandoned her after she made a spectacle of herself by begging for free stuff for her wedding and the media naming her "Bridezilla" for it. Her image has never recovered from that mockery.

I hope Star does find her way back to a successful tv career.

Hearing of the end of her marriage was sad...maybe she really thought he was delivered from that.... "liking men sexually"...

Let's all pray for our sister in Christ! (Yes, she IS professing Jesus Christ these days)!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

wisdomteachesme May 8, 2008 at 9:12 PM  

LOLOLO i shall walk away from temptation!! i am not saying abother word.
hahaha=lisa said "delivered from liking men sexually..."
ok, you got jokes too!

yeah i got a little "crack a joke here and there" in me.
laughing is something i do often...
'tipping quietly out of the space'....lololol--not going to take temptation for a dance!! i'll wear it out! lol

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