Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Obama's Camp Claps Back At Karl "I'm A Bald-Headed Big Fat Liar" Rove

Karl "I Can't Rap" Rove aka Bush's Brain (a simple reminder of all the dumb ass polices over the last 7 years) is just like Cindy McCain. He resides in a very large glasshouse and he better be damn careful throwing stones at Barack Obama.

This guy who thumbed his nose at the American people and the laws of this country better watch his mouth or he is going to find himself on the receiving end of more that a little verbal clap back from the Obama campaign camp. I am not the only person wondering why this guy hasn't be arrested and charged with perjury or treason for outing former CIA agent Valerie Plame. Scooter lied and "Fat Boy" Rove slided by.

This dude was up to his neck in hiring all those incompetent folks that got busted during the U.S. Attorney firing scandal. Not mention the White House e-mail scandal and all the other improper dealings during his tenure. And when one of your nicknames is "turd blossom" and the President of the U.S. fired you in church because he was afraid of you, you should just go somewhere, sit down and shut the hell up!


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